how is going on the condition in ethiopia, eritrea and the peece keepers?

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    The condition for the Eritrea and Ethiopia peace plan is very fragile. Eritrea and ethiopia have never agreed to a final decision and if one day there is a final decision, I am sure that these 2 countries will fight again (the other claiming it's land). The Eritrean govt. has expelled many UN peace keepers and is warning to get back to the war if this border thing is not decided. Eritrea is now ready for a full assault fight w/ ethiopia but Ethiopia has many problems (extreme poverty, ethnic fight, invasion of somalia, etc.) making it not ready for this fight. Eritrea has a better organised military and also more stronger military than ethiopia, so ethiopia has less chances to win eritrea. For now, eritrea and ethiopia are at peace, but it is half-half. Meaning that this peace can be broken again or it can be solved peacefully.

    Eritrea has been trainig it's soldires harshly and toughly since the border fight, and ethiopia too, has been training them, but Eritrea has improved alot.

    I went to those two countries just to visit, and I also wrote a report about this too. Ethiopia is a country where MILLIONS of unemployed, unlitrated, poor people exist. As for Eritrea, it has not so much poverty as Ethiopia. If you see its information, Eritrea has no unemployment rate. Eritrea has a little population, unlike ethiopia, making it optimised and making the govt. to control things easier. Eritrea have VERY FEW street beggars unlike Ethiopia, where every where you go, beggers are very common. So you can see the condition, Eritrea improving but Ethiopia in a dangerous sitiuation. The peace keepers are trying their best to stop their rivalary. Everywhere you go in Ethiopia and Eritrea, there are always UN peacekeepers.

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