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Bogota, Colombia closes over 80 miles of their major roads every Sunday for bicycling, walking. Why can't we?

Imagine miles of roads closed to motorized traffic and open to people, a festival atmosphere with thousands of casual and serious strollers, dog walkers, skateboarders, skaters, joggers, runners and cyclists of all ages and races, all having a great time together in and around our community from 7am to 2pm every single Sunday throughout the year. Imagine the new level of activity, excitement, shrinking waistlines, and discovery of our sometimes unknown neighborhoods.

Ciclovia in Bogotá Colombia has turned this dream into reality for the past 25 years with over 80 miles of city roads opened for all people to use. In a city of 7 million and at an altitude of 10,000 feet, nearly a million people participate every single week. The camaraderie of riding and walking with thousands of others, the cleaner air, peace, quiet and human energy has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Folks look forward to each Sunday as a time to get out to exercise and spend quality time with family and


With an obestiy epidemic well underway wouldn't making it easier and more fun to get out and interact under our own power make sense?

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    Because Americans have forgotten about fun, all they think of is money money and money. There are a lot of things more in life than just working like slaves. I´m from Colombia and we are really hard workers but we also take fun very seriously. You should try something like that and for sure your lives will improve and you´ll have a happier existence. :)

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    I agree I am from colombia and when I was there about 18 years ago we would all go cycling on the week end. It was soo much fun and nice to do. The whole family would enjoy the riding experience.

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    Because America is obese! We're lazy plain and simple. We take technology to an extreme. We should concentrate more on medical technology rather than transportation technology. And we need to shut down more fastfood restuarants or choose to eat healthier. We need to be less sedentary.

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    Because we actually care about our economy.

    Love, Jack.

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