Cease fire in Lebanon, who do you think is the winning country?

Israel or Hezbollah?

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    Lebanon. Their army gets to reassert government control over southern Lebanon. It's people don't have to get killed in a war Hezbos started. It will get international aid and support to better control its own territory, instead of having terrorists control it.

    This isn't that great for Israel - the UNFIL forces are not authorized to use force to enforce the cease-fire. Hezbos are harmed and somewhat marginalized, but they won't be giving up their weapons, and there is no provision to prevent more weapons getting to them. God damn the UN and its inability to protect anybody.

    But, because Israel probably doesn't believe the Hezbos can control their irrational hatred of Jews, they're probably preparing for when the terrorists break the cease-fire.

    Because when they do - I hope Israel stops holding back.

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    I think its the Hezbollah. Cmon !!! HOw can u have a ceasefire between a terrorist organisation and a country which wants to abolish it !!!!

    I think not only Israel but the U.N. should pressurise Lebanon to remove the Hezbollah completely since they are not true muslims. They are not following the Command !!!!

    But realistically, this is never going to end because so many vested-interests are involved in this whole scandal.

    Humanity has lost this war.

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    Hezbollah is NOT a country...but if you are asking about Lebanon or Israel, I would say...any time a war is ceased, both sides win! (People stop dying because of the stupidity of governments)

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    why did Israel go to this (as they say they go for their 2 soldiers), did they get them???

    although i do not think that Hezbollah has won but i think that if the people in Lebanon are clever they will refuse the presence of Hezbollah in their land anymore so it pends their acts.

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    Due to the way you asked the question, one would have to say Israel, because HEZBOLLAH IS NOT A COUNTRY! They are an illegal, terrorist, millatant group within a country that doesn't want them there. Israel wasn't fighting with another country.

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    it relatively is going to likely be a international-extensive attempt, yet specially from the u . s . and Israel. Israel had to launch Lebanon returned 20 years and that they did, with ruthless assaults at infrastructure. u . s . would desire to pay, they are wealthy and that they stored including gasoline on fireplace for a jointly as. no longer rapidly, u . s . is in charge for the conflict and that they might desire to pay. u . s . and Israel keeps announcing that they decide to be sure Hezbollah dismantled and consistent with probability with the aid of reconstructing infrastructure in Lebanon it would push for the dismantling of Hezbollah. u . s . and Israel pushes for the action, whilst effects arises, jointly with reconstruction now, they retreat.

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    ppl here are right Hezbollah is not a country ,but they won the war!!

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    1. The HezBULLies are not a country.

    2. Iran won. They got to stir the pot and all it cost them was the money from about 30 minutes of oil production. They recouped that when the price of oil went up.

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