Which country is more advanced? Japan or the U.S?

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    Interesting question. Having been educated, lived, and worked in both countries, I think I can give you the most educated and unbiased opinion. It depends on the field, so I'll list below the winner for each field that I have arbitrarily chosen.

    1. Education

    Up to high school: Japan

    (Japan is light years ahead)

    College: U.S.

    (Japanese kids are burned out by the time they get into college to do any studying, so they party!)

    2. Recreation

    You gotta know the U.S. rocks in this field! Went rafting the other day, a babe promptly obliged when we asked to see her boo*s!

    Only in America!!

    3. Homes

    The U.S., hands down. Dammned land is just too expensive in Japan for you to own a decent home.

    4. Public transporation

    Japan. Bullet trains, dude!

    5. Internet

    Japan. No one, and I mean no one, uses dial-up anymore in Japan.

    6. Supermarkets

    The U.S. When a new cash register opens in Japan, it's free-for-all. I hate that.

    7. Gender equality

    The U.S. Japan is getting better, but companies still assume that female workers will quit once they get married.

    8. Crime prevention

    Japan. Gun control does wonders. Really.

    9. Ambulances

    The U.S. While you are extremely unlikely to get shot in Japan, if you do, you can just kiss it good bye. Japanese ambulances take forever to arrive (I think they observe the speed limit!).

  • The U.S. is more advanced than Japan. This is evident during World War 2. Besides, during the cold war,U.S. had actively researching for more technologies to safeguard her people while Japan were not pressurised to do so. Recently. Japan seeks help from U.S to build a missile defence system in Japan. This shows that U.S is still leading the way.

    Source(s): Read through the history and current affairs will bring u to a conclusion that U.S is more advanced than Japan.
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    1 decade ago

    Japan because they take things from the U.S and make it 10 times better

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    USA due to haveing more females , the male to female ratio in japan is smaller and they are more stress on work , also the makeing it in japan better thing , we get everything from other countrys these days , also more foriegn student attend american universitys.

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    Depends on your definition of "advanced". In terms of income per capita or the size of average family home, the U.S. has a lead. Japan, in contrast, has better infrastructure, higher life expectancy and impossibly low crime rates...

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    It isn't that simple. Japan is more technologically advanced in many respects, but also steeped in ancient traditions. The U.S. is kind of a maverick in many ways, but I believe the wunderkind has attention deficit disorder.

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    Japan is more advanced than the U.S. by far. If they're not advancing in technology and healthcare, they're making what the U.S. has and owns into something more fast forward.

    Japan. :]

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    1 decade ago

    Japan, they have to be, they have the second largest economy in the world and no natural resources except for their people. To maintain this they spend much more of their money(gov) on education than the USA does.

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    1 decade ago

    The U.S. and other more modernized countires, although, through pure mass of people and modernization, they will overtake the U.S. and other countries within the next 10-20 years, to become the next super-power.

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    1 decade ago

    Definitely Japan. Maybe Japanese should be the world's second language...

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