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1. 請勿弄濕磨豆機,裝水時請關上咖啡豆盒蓋。

2. 請置放新鮮,適當的咖啡豆。

3. 如有碎石之噪音,請立即關機、並清理碎石。

4. 紅燈顯示,疑難排除

















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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. DO NOT pour water into the coffee grinder. When filling the water tank, please keep the coffee bean hopper closed.

    2. Please use freshly and well roasted coffee beans.

    3. If you hear noises in the grinding burrs like some stones being crushed inside, please TURN OFF the grinder immediately. Clean up the stones inside.

    4. When you see the red light ON, you need to do some failure examinations for the machine.

    (1) The used coffee grounds box is FULL.

    (2) The drip tray is not in position.

    (3) The water tank is empty.

    (4) No coffee beans is in the coffee grinder.

    (5) The adjusting bar of fineness on the grinder is not in position.


    1. 水箱→Water Tank

    2. 異常燈號顯示→Failure LED/Light alert

    3. 手動牛奶發泡器→Manual Milk Frother

    4. 開關裝置鈕→ON/OFF Switch

    5. 咖啡出水口→Filter-holder Spout

    6. 咖啡豆渣盒→Coffee Knock-box

    7. 磨豆機→Coffee Grinder

    8. 咖啡豆量調整器→Coffee Grinding Volume Adjusting Device

    9. 磨豆粗細調整桿→Adjusting Bar of Fineness on the Grinder

    10. 廢水盤→Drip Tray

    Source(s): 咖啡專業從業人員的自身知識,我自己,
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    steam nozzles





    Source(s): 原文的咖啡機使用手冊
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  • 1 decade ago

    Coffee uses the precautions:

    1. Please don't get the beans rubing machine wet , please shut the box cover of coffee bean while putting water.

    2. Please put freshly, the proper coffee bean.

    3. If there is noise of broken stone , please immediately shut-down, and clear up the broken stone .

    4. The red light shows , the difficulty is got rid of

    (1)The coffee bean dregs in coffee bean dregs box have been already full

    (2)The waste water one has not been put well

    (3)There is no water in the water tank

    (4)There is no coffee bean in the beans machine to rub

    (5)Rub the beans thickness adjusting lever and has not put well


    (1)Water tank

    (2)Unusual light number showing

    (3)Manual milk foaming device

    (4)Device knob of the switch

    (5)Coffee water outlet

    (6)Coffee bean dregs box

    (7)Beans rubing machine

    (8)Coffee bean amount adjuster

    (9)Rub the beans thickness adjusting lever

    (10)Waste water plate

    Source(s): DR.EYE
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