Who won? Israel or Hezbollah?

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    1 decade ago
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    Its obvious Israel has LOST to HEZBOLLAH if you even have to ask this question.

    Basically despite superior technology and the spectacular MOSSAD israel is so proud of, Israel has lost to Hezbollah which doesn't even have an air force or sophisticated technology.

    You mean to tell me Israel FLATTENED almost all of souther Lebanon and Hezbollah is still shooting rockets like crazy?


    Basically Israel made two mistakes. They went into this thing underestimating the enemy (a major failure for military planning) - One of them stated that the life of one Jew was worth more than all the Arabs in the world...with that mindset that these people were "animals", they basically ensured themselves a loss.

    Second mistake was waging a war on Lebanon and destroying most of it trying to get to Hezbollah in an age where the internet and news readily are accessible to the entire world.

    This war has captured everyone's imaginations as we see footage of the humiliated Lebanese.

    All it has led to was MORE anti-semitism and pro-arab sympathy.

    What Israel did to Lebanon would be likened to America destroying all of El Salvador because MS-13 ws causing trouble in the US. Its a ridiculously blatant misuse of power and Lebanon is only going to becom recruiting ground for more terrorism.

    Did you know that after the bombings, Hezbollah was on the scene gving people medical supplies and checkin to make sure people had food and water?

    That's HILARIOUS

    Israel screwed this one up big time.

    I believe the war in Lebanon was PLANNED.

    If you watch this... you'll see American journalists have plenty of evidence to believe America and Israel planned this assault. In fact, look back into the news of 2005 and see how Syria was "promted" to remove its troops by the UN. LOL...This was a conspiracy and there is enough proof to support that.


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    Israel could not get the soldiers released. I think Hezbollah might have got an upper hand at present because of the Cease fire.

    But, the real losers are Lebanon, who not only lost 1000+ lives, but also, its infrastructure, which was damaged badly.

  • 1 decade ago

    Judge for your self who has won. Bush and Olmert both have made fools of themselves and degraded US in eyes of many nations and people, particularly after their latest Lebanon misadventure. US has lost its diplomatic persuasion with most of the Arab countries. What have they accomplished after killing so many innocent civilians including children ( Israelis and Lebanese ) and devastating a beautiful country ? To ensure an effective defence, which most of the Arab armies are incapable of doing, Lebanon should induct all the Hezbollah fighters into the Lebanese army. This may deter Israel from picking on Lebanon, which it has done 4 times uptill now. US has become an unwilling partner as this tail is capable of wagging the dog.

  • 1 decade ago

    I just read on Msn that Hezbollah won but im not too sure really. There is no real winners in war

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Death won the war

  • Ericho
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    1 decade ago

    Wait a month and see what happens then I think we will know who really won. we do know that the innocent civilianson both sides lost no matter who won. god bless them all.

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    1 decade ago

    ive answered this question sooo many times im not gona repeat my self like 50 times.....short answer is that hezbollah won for many reasons...

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    1 decade ago

    lets call it a draw and move on from there. Lebanon is in shambles and Israel still doesn't have the two soldiers.

  • 1 decade ago

    neither...Hezbollah launched some rockets and Lebanon got destroyed by Israel again and again and again...And nothing ever came out of it...

  • 1 decade ago

    Isnt it obvious Israel dominated them?

    I love the rhetoric from Hizbollah, Iran and Syria...

    Dudes, you just got your asses kicked. Its time to shut up and go away.

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