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If only god can judge, shoudn't we abolish all the courts and tribunals?

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    If ya read the book of Judges and Kings and Genesis and Exodus, you would see that God asked the rulers to judge the people, so things would be done fairly.King Solomon was a wise Judge and King. But the Judging that God does it the Heart of Man, not just the Actions, like the worldly judges do.

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    Society has the duty to protect its members from those who would do serious harm.

    This protection of society through a judicial system is acknowledged in both the Old and New Testaments.

    The prohibition not to judge others was for individuals not the state.

    With love in Christ.

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    well i dont mean to sound rude but then how would this country work...who would keep the peace i mean would god really come down to USA just to be judge? i doubt it i mean sure there are some flaws in our judicial system but compared to all the good it does the flaws tally up to only 3% and this is adding up all the screwups mistrials,misjudgments, and wrongfull convictions so now i ask you how would this counntry keep its name as the #1 world power if it cant even control its criminals rapists,murders,and gangbangers?

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    You can be made a judge over your land, flesh.

    God judges the soul!

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    No! because God judges in the end...duh!

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    haha yeah. i seriously think the bible is wrong because snakes can't talk... right? well cept in harry potter

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