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How can I get race commentary while at the race (Nextel Cup)?

Can I take a radio into the race? What are the race scanners that you rent and what do they give you?

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    for me the best thing i had was those type of radios made like a headset to listen to the commentary. Someone had given me a Winston set a long time ago, find out the local radio station that will air the race though before the race starts (MRN).....

    the race scanners enable you to tune in to the frequency of certain drivers car radios so you can listen to what they are saying, if you get into that fine, but good ol guys like my Tony-wony has little to say cuz he is concentrating, although when he blurts out ....'here kitty-kitty'...... to the car in front of him, it always gives me a good laugh.....

    invest in a good headset radio, save the money on the scanner, you will be disappointed i think in the scanner.

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    when i went to a race last summer. we rented a race scanner and also took a radio in. the scanner has both driver/crew interactions as well as listening to the race commentary on a different frequence. i took my headset with a built in radio in as well. so it is up to u if you want to take it in or rent a scanner. both will work

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    get a race scanner, MRN is broacast on one of the Frequencies...

    you can buy a progrtamable Radio Scanner for the price of 3 race rentals....

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    Get a scanner (like raceceiver) at the track. They will give you a listing of the frequencies. We usually program in the frequency for MRN radio.

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    I don't think you can take or get a radio that will give you race commentary like you get at home.Just try out one of those scanners.They can be tuned into any team's communications.hope that helps

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    you can take those headphone radios in, they sell them at the tracks for about $15.00. you wouldn't be able to hear any other kind. a scanner allows you to listen in on team communications. you can switch from car to car and hear the driver, crew chief, and spotter talking to each other, it's very cool.

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    You should be able to take a radio in with you, I know when I go to ball games I see people with radios listening.

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    I heard that the race scanners are the best kind of audio for the races.I have never rented one but i know that u can listen to your favorite drivers team radio and hear wut is goin on.

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