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What is the difference between chinese and japanese food?

I always tell people I don't like chinese food but I love japanese food and they ask me what is the difference? and all I can tell them is that to me they taste different. I know it's in the spice but what are the main chinese spices and the main japanese spices?

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    Authentic Japanese is quite different from authentic Chinese. Chinese cuisine should ideally be about using herbs and spices to bring out the flavor in each dish. Japanese cuisine, well, tends to favor sweet and sour foods (the impression of that as Chinese is incorrect; only Cantonese food tastes sweet) & focuses a lot on the materials themselves and the preparation. In China, the design is very important -- believe it or not, good dishes have to look pleasing and have a "lucky" name.

    Another difference is Japanese will eat raw food (esp. fish), and most Chinese hate anything raw, except maybe spices like garlic, ginger, and green onions.

    Source(s): I'm answering based on my own opinion of the two kinds -- I'm Chinese, so I've had a great deal of that. I also have tried many Japanese foods, having lived there for two years.
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    Japanese food is plainer in taste as they rarely use chilli or spices. Healthier too. Chinese is so diverse because of the different regional stlye of cooking.

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    chinese food tends to be greasier in my opinion and is made with heavy sauces....also, there seems to be alot more stir fries and things cooked in oil in chinese food. i love both chinese and japanese food but japanese is healthier because its less greasy and doesnt use heavy calorie-rich sauces.

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    Your question is a bit like asking "What is the difference between American and Vietnamese food?", it makes no sense. They are very different cuisines with some common ancestory and some common ingredients, but that's about it!

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    it's the ingredients and the way they cook there food i has one way and the other has there's, different spices

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    Japanese is healthier. Chinese became too commercial and everything is fried! Japanese has row fish, tofu, seaweed and soya. All good for your body. Chilly oil is very spicy and used in chinese food. Japanese use wasabi, which is that green paste, really hot. It's supposed to be put in the soya sauce and you can also find it inside the rolls of sushi. It also accompanies the sashimi (sliced row fish)

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