Why can't I get my picture from my 360 page set as my Yahoo! Answers avatar?

The "edit my profile" page does not display the Yahoo! 360 picture as an option. I cannot check the box for it because it says "Get my 360 account now!"

And I know I have one because I can still access it, and it still has all of my information on it.

I am doomed to use a cartoon avatar until I can figure this out, but I don't know how to get the 360 picture to show up as an option for my Yahoo! Answers! Thank you!


Thank you, mt92501, but I have already done this. I am wondering why I cannot select "use your 360 photo" in the Answers page editing part.

Update 2:

Thank you Belle and Mt, but I know how to do this already. I already have a 360 account, and I have a photo set up. I was going to post a new photo in 360 as primary, but then I cannot chose the option for a 360 page in my Answers edit page. It says "No 360 photo. Get your 360 page now!" with a link for the "Get your 360 page now!" part. The link leads me to my 360 page which is exactly as I left it; it's not empty.

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    I had a similar problem.

    My experience took me around that same loop you're going around now, always coming back to "Get My 360 Account now" even though I already had my 360 account.

    I finally figured out that it was due to some kind of time lag between saving changes to the 360 page (settings) and the options becoming available under profile.

    Try resisting the temptation to change anything for 24 hours, and then go back to your profile/edit profile and see if the options are then available. That worked for me.

    Hope that works for you. I know it's frustrating. Good luck.

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    Under the Nickname part of 'Edit my profile' does your 360 nickname match your Answers nickname? The first time I uploaded a picture from my 360, they needed to match. After that, everything was ok. It might be worth a try.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This has happened to me too. If you click on edit profile it doesn't have the pic you took or yourself right? You should try logging off then getting back on and go to edit profile again. It's werid how it doesn't show up sometime if i go to edit profile my pic i took isn't there so i just hit back so i don't lose it. just keep trying to log off and go back. Log off answers not your email account. Hope this helps when in doing this you might be able to click on the button that says display 360. Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    just click that one that say "Get my 360 account now", it will direct you to your y! 360.

    "get my 360 account now" will keep showing in your info in y! answers until you change the primary picture in y! 360 instead of your avatar. after you change your primary picture instead of your avatar in y! 360, the picture will show in your y! answers and then you will have to choose which picture will you use in your y! answers.

    i noticed the same problem until i changed the primary picture instead of my avatar in y! 360.

    in your yahoo! 360, make that picture as your primary picture.

    edit personal photos

    then change your primary picture to that picture instead of the avatar

    then SAVE

    after you save it, go back to your y! answers and go to "edit my profile" you should see your Y! 360 picture there now.

    hope that helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Make your 360

    Sign in then click on ID

    then public view of my profile

    then click on MY PAGE at the top

    then click on Edit Personal Photo

    then find the picture you want click on SET as PRIMARY

    then click on save

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry sweetie...I had a hell of a time with mine and I was going to suggest what others already have...let me know when your 360 is up and running...would love to add you as a buddy! We'll speak other languages to each other.

    Love your Finnish Friend. ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    On your profile click on Edit My Info.

  • 4 years ago

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