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I have a old fork in my draw and on close inspection it has S&F hallmarked What does this mean?

It also has the following L * B EP

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    Hey Paul,

    That hallmark is from Schulz and Fischer. The item that you have is considered "Coin Silver", your piece should have a round-topped handle with what looks like it could be part of a coin. The firm is known for their spoons, but made forks, as well.

    Schulz and Fischer were in San Francisco in the Late 1880's but they also had foundry's in other places. (the letters SF Cal meant San Francisco).

    What I believe the other four items are:

    L = London

    * = Should look like a star; Sterling

    B = Boston

    EP = Usually stands for a royal commission, not necessarily made for the royal, but approved. EP would have been the Queen Mother.

    Please, whatever you do, don't just trust my opinion! If it is a Schulz & Fischer, they can be very valuable! Take this to someone you trust and get a book on Coin Silver from your library and look up the S&F mark to see if this is what you actually have.

    Good Hunting!

    James in San Diego

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    there are literally THOUSANDS of silver hallmarks out there, internationally speaking. It could be a manufacturer from just about ANY country using our common alphabet.

    look for a 925 stamp or something similar, as that will tell you the purity of the silver itself.

  • 1 decade ago

    search google

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