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sweaty palms and headackes?

for the past couple of days I have been getting headackes (which i normaly don't get them) and sweaty palms and sweaty feet (for no reason. I could be freezing and still have it), been feeling nauseated. I know that I ovulated 2 days ago, So I don't think me being pregnant has anything to do with it. but how should I know, i've never been pregnant before. (we are trying to get preg though) Any ideas on what this might be? Should I go see a doctor??


I just feel "different" my body ackes.. im tired... the sweaty palms and feet everything

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    take a pregnancy test....I've been pregnant 3 times and my body reacted very differently each time and not just morning sickness. I could tell each time within a day or 2 just cause my body started doing things I hadn't experienced before

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    Go see a doctor.

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    Yeah you should go see a doctor, you should be there instead of being here asking that question.

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    Sounds to me like you have a touch of the flu......Go to the doc and see what they say.............Take care and hope you feel better soon...........

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    yes, check with your doc.

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