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is ther any way..?

to delete all the old q&a??

i have pages of 'em, i don't want them.

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    Get Excel to print all data…Changing your identify in Office…An easy way to insert symbols in spreadsheets…Use Outlook to organize e-mail and projects.

    Q. I import loads of spreadsheet data from customers and suppliers which I include in my Excel reports. So far so good. But when I print the reports, some of the information doesn’t show. Can you help?

    A. You’re not alone, and luckily there’s a simple solution. Many old mainframe spreadsheet programs and online services use nonprintable codes for some of their data. When those files are sent to others, the codes supporting those data won’t print. Excel has a worksheet function that can “clean” the text by removing the nonprintable characters and control codes. Use the following syntax:


    and your problem will be solved.

    Q. My division was reorganized and relocated. We now have a new name and I’ve been moved to a different computer, which raises some problems. I recall that when I first loaded Microsoft Office, I was asked to enter my name and my organization’s name, which became a default of the application. So, for example, whenever I insert a comment in an Excel cell or a Word file, the comment box adds my identification—either by name or initials. So whoever is using my old computer is generating comments with my identification and the computer I’m using is generating someone else’s ID. How can I change that?

    A. You’ve got two choices—and neither is attractive. Either you can remove and then reload the entire Office application or you can go into the system, very much like a brain surgeon, and carefully remove all traces of the old names from Windows’ registry (which is the operating system’s memory core—the software’s cerebellum) and substitute the new ones.

    Personally, I wouldn’t choose the latter. It’s slow and tedious, and, worse, you can easily foul up your computer if you make one wrong move.

    I would bite the bullet and reload the Office suite. In all likelihood, your data files will not be in jeopardy, but back them up just in case. Also, be sure you have all the Office installation CDs at the ready—and the password.

    To remove Office, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs

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    No, there isn't. Yahoo! Answers is for the use and information of the users, so questions and answers are not deleted if they do not contravene the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines. Since you cannot report yourself for abuse of the Guidelines, the only way would be to ask someone to report all your questions for you in the hope that they would then be deleted!

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    Yes. go to my Q&A and go to the question you want to delete. click on it and when it comes up click on the picture of a pencil under your question and hit delete question.

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    1 decade ago

    No there is not unless they dont have a best answer pcked yet This is a very popular question on the site yet the answer never changes the answer is still no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You could delete them one by one I think, but you loose points. I think Yahoo wants to keep them to brag they go to ten billion q&a.

  • Yasmin
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    when you click on your name , and you see ur questions, click on "More" click on your question. youll see a pencil symbol click on that itll say delete question der u go :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wish

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure, but I would like to know how as well.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Change your screenname

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