Creative ways to tell family your pregnant?

I'm having a child! That said, I am having all the family over for dinner to share the news. My husband and I are trying to come up with a real clever way to tell them. What should we do? (We have technology and supplies so be creative!)

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    Decide you want a family picture while everyone is there.

    Once everyone is together, have your husband be the way taken the picture, say by the way (your name) is pregnant and capture everyones reaction.

    You could get some bibs, wrap them up and have them say something about "Grandma" "Grandpa" "Cousin" ETC and have them open it.

    You could get a little sign that most people put in their car saying "Baby on Board", put it some where in the house and see who can spot it first.

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    5 years ago

    Hi:: I suggest that you could have your kids make all their grandparents a card that says I am going to get a present in 9 months!! I would also try to have a bbq and make a fun suprise annoucement, and tell everyone we are getting two babies in a few months!! I would say to start with your family, then friends, for your friends can find out in a number of ways, you could have a few flowers on a table for dinner, one that is blue, pink, yellow, and say what is it (our third) going to be?? I say have a fun time and anything you do is going to be great, for me: I had lost two pregnanices before this one, and one was my twins at 12 weeks, I had my daughter tell her daddy, by bring in the test, and saying "Daddy I am getting a Baby, look!!:)" Then we gave out cards to the family through the mail, that said look who is going to be a big sister, and the calls came in!! SO any way is the right way!

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    host a dinner party and give eveyone favors that they have to open with the announcement written inside, play game that include guessing what the news is, create the message scrambled and have your family members try to unscramble the message, have a scavenger hunt to include items that they will collect and at the end of the hunt have them guess what the news is, put an announcement in a local paper, place an ad on a local public access channel to be aired at a certain time and when everyone is together watch the broadcast or make a dvd for everyone to watch while you are all together telling them the news.

    congrats and good luck

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    I'm probably still a few years from having a baby, a planned one anyway, if God wants me to sooner then I guess I have to put up with it! But anyway, I've always thought this would be a good idea, if you have the time for it & money for it. Go buy t-shirts for your parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc, or just a few of those. The ones that say, "The Best Aunt Ever!" or ,"Best Grandpa Ever!" Something along the lines of that. Just say that you found something they would like & hand them out! I think it would be exciting to see their faces! Good luck with everything.

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    Maybe give them a baby photoframe with a note inside it saying "insert your grandchilds photo here on *duedate*"

    Or get them to play a guessing game kinda thing~ Do up little clues and questions~ and set them around the house~ and at the end the should be in the nursery with ballons everywhere saying "its a boy its a girl"

    You could serve up baby food for dinner~ and before you serve walk around and put a bib on them all~ and say don't worry we'll have our own soon to play with~

    hope that helps~

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    Make some İnvitations or make some napkins to be used at dinner with an ultrasound foto of the baby printed on and place them on the plates or roll them in to napkin holders.

    Maybe the same idea on really thick table candles. Or put the ultrasound picture on a cake and bring to table and serve together with napkins.

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    1 decade ago

    Mum and Dad we have ask you to dinner tonight for reason and we had to share this with you all as our family has taken a turn we are increasing our size to a new family member Mum, dad I am pregnant.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, If you want to make it as a joke, maybe you should say something like..

    Hey, our family is expanding like ants when they attack a weak worm which is about to die

    If you want to be serious, tell them..

    Guys, you will be granmother and grandfather, that ought to make them happy

    Be carefull of the child, Its a great responsibility

    Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    Stuff a Pillow under your shirt to look as if you are nearly due. Stay inside till all your guests have arrived. Then make an entrance and have a camera ready to take pictures of all their faces.

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    Give everyone a card pertaining to what they will be when the baby is born - grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle etc....Tell them when you are passing out the cards that they are just notes to let them know how much you appreciate them all. See how long it takes for someone to catch on. Should be fun - CONGRATULATIONS.

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