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what does "woosa" mean?

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    from bad boys 2...a form of meditation/relaxation

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    Woosah Bad Boys

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    To me, worship is putting something or someone first in your life. That is the reason people can worship their job, their money, their family, their "belly", etc. And that is reason people can give worship to those other than Jehovah. But when Jehovah is first is your life, it is to him that you pray, that you sing about, that you speak about, that you read about, that you live for, that you long for, that you look forward to listening to and about, that you seek the approval of, that you study about, that you teach about, that you reach out to. He is your other half in a spiritual relationship. And spirituality cannot be complete without that other half. The definition of worship is multi-faceted, as are the expressions of worship. We speak of "worshiping in many ways". And that is correct. I don't mean all forms of worship are acceptable. But that our worship takes on different facets or expressions. We can't sing and study at the same time. But both are worship. We can't study and pray at the same time. But both are worship. There is more, but I will stop here.

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    Watch Angermangement with Adam Sandler and you will know what it means

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    Woosa is a term used to express peace at a certain point of settling down or A point of heavy excitement. It is basically a slang word..............................

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    To ease up.

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    watch Bad boys, you'll see.

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