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Are you Jason . . . ???

Jason Douglas Smart/Smith.

Born January Sixteenth Nineteen-Eighty-One.

White, Male, Blue Eyes, Brownish-Blondish Hair.

Son of Marilyn Munro-Smith and of my husband Al Smart.

Who hasn't seen him since 1984, due to their split.

Jason was born here in California.


I'm being serious people!!!

Update 2:

Yes, his father is searching for him.

Al, misses Jason, very much!

Update 3:

Al is Sixty-Five, Jason is Twenty-Five, as of 2006.

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    I teach high school in Southern California and a Jason Douglas Smith was in my American History class about ten years ago (1997) but he wasn't in my class all year. About February he was suspended because he came to school wearing some bizarre clothes and acting really strange. He had on a Detroit Pistons' basketball jersey with a girls' training bra on the outside, he had on one high heel and one flat pump, a cook's apron, but no pants (only white "butt-hugger" underwear [turned inside-out]). He also had shaved off one eyebrow and painted a false one on his forehead with a permanent marker that made him look like he constantly wanted to tell you a secret. He kept asking the administration (that had detained him in the vice-principal's office) if they wanted to see him "sand a broom handle" but they didn't know what this meant.

    After he was suspended he never returned to our school. I don't know if it was the same kid or not but I remembered his name because he did a research paper on the history of meat in America. He was a pretty weird kid, but very clean.

    I hope this helps.

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    I hope that your husband is actually looking for him, too, because i take a pretty strong stand on this subject. My ex boyfriend wanted to meet his father , so he went looking for him, found him, and discovered that his father was happy to see him, but had never put any effort into keeping in touch with him and never did after they met either. If dad doesn't want it to happen, it will be hard on the child. Parents are supposed to fight for their kids, not let their wife do it for them.

    However, this may not be your situation. I hope you do find him.

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    no but thanx for 2 points.

  • Pardon??

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    Are you Freddy

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    I don't think that this is the correct way to find him!

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    nope sorry...good luck tho!

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    Am i Jason? nope.

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    are you michal because u freaky


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    no..dont know,sorry

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