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Who can tell me what the 'Freebird Rule' is and how it is being used in the WWE today?

It's been around a many insiders do we have here?


NIce job so far, mel... how is it being applied today?

Update 2:

Cecil... you're here in the category...what does that say about YOU?

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    the freebirds had the NWA world tag team titles, and they did a thing called the "freebird rule" where any 2 members of the group could defend the titles. this is being applied today with the spirit squad.

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    Freebird Rule

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    I agree 100%. As someone who watched before the attitude era, during, and now after, it is refreshing to see almost a return to what made WWE different in the beginning. Now, after the attitude era, we have actual matches, it isn't all about DX coming out and talking about the size of their private parts, nor is it about Stone Cold talking about drinking beer all the time. Yes, when these figures make the occasional appearance, it's great and yes, DX is one of the best tag teams to ever exist, but we've moved on. The people who grew up during the attitude era are ready to see more mature people putting on the shows. As far as marketing goes, I don't feel that it is all towards kids. Sure, some things are, like bed sheets with John Cena's face emblazoned across them are childish, but look at other things such as the upcoming History of DX book that will be told from Triple H and Shawn Michaels' perspectives on their history of the team. Also, almost anything dealing with the Divas is not aimed at kids, I mean, am I the only one who has seen the photo shoots on the website? Surely I'm not. So, in conclusion, yes. I think that the WWE has matured since the attitude era and has become more about the complicated storylines and going into good matches with good entertainers than about Divas walking around half-naked (ala Sable), men commenting on the size of their privates (ala early DX), and all out brawls (ala anything to do with Stone Cold or Mick Foley).

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    During the Freebirds run in NWA they captured the tag team championship. While holding the title they operated under the (unofficial) "Freebird Rule" which allowed any two members of the team to actively defend the titles on any given night. This "rule" has since been adopted by a number of other companies when a three- (or more) man team captures a tag team title

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    i love YOU A BETH OF FRESH AIR I know what you are thinking, "how can wrestling aimed at kids be mature!?" but hear me out. The thing that made the attitude era was the crude humour and the swearing, most matches where nothing more than brawls and often use of weapons. Just because the marketing is now aimed at kids does that mean the action is worse? in recent weeks the action and story telling has been better than i can remember it being in my 10 years as a fan. the fact that they have cut down on the use of weapons makes the times they do have more of an impact So my question is this, has the attitude era dying led to a more mature wrestling show with only really the marketing aimed at kids? Please try and make a interesting argument either way, "no because john cena sucks and he made wrestling suck" is a waste of your time and mine

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    it is being used today by the spirit squad, 5 men who hold the raw tag team titles

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    Freebid rule ? what ?! Dunno, but it probably came from the Fabulous Freebirds, a wrestling dynasty before WWF got big. Can't wait to read the actual answer.

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