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Israel is defeated!?

why israel is loosing the war?? they can stand dead soldiers? poor babies!!!.

even their tank can not survive one man with a antitank missile launcher.

airsuperiority is one thing, but on the field, one hidden man with the right gun can kill thousand of tanks.

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    The only way Israel loses is because of the political pressure put on them by the UN and its sycophants.

    As far as "standing dead soldiers," they have never been afraid to fight their enemies to the death. Their national sovereignty is at stake. Every time a war has broken out with Israel, it was always started by their neighbors. They have gotten quite used to "dead soldiers."

    As far as their tank goes, the Merkava Mk 3 main battle tank is quite advanced, having modular armor, thermal imagining systems, and laser range-finders. It compares very favorably with the Challenger 2 from Great Britain, and the Abrams M1A2 main battle tank from the US.

    The problem with most tanks is that they are very heavy and large, making them inviting targets for anti-tank missiles. The Israeli Merkava has a chain-mail system employed around the turret so that such missiles will explode against the chains, rather than the armor.

    The best way to defeat anti-armor forces is with a combined arms attack, using helicopter gunships and close air-support aircraft. Israel has the second most battle tested military in the world, and deserves respect. Its enemies respect what they can do, that's why they go against Israel mostly through terror and political isolation, rather than force-on-force combat.

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    You are obviously one ignorant sob without any military background or a knowledge of history concerning how often the Arab countries have had their a** handed to them by a single, small democratic country. Stop chanting "Death to America" and "America is the Great Satan" long enough to read a few history books.

    What war are you claiming Israel is loosing? Certainly not the recent action in Lebanon where the Hezbollah cowards are using women and children as their form of body amour? No one with any sense of honor would condone or support these terrorist!

    By the way do you remember the 1967 Six Days' War (also known as the June War & the 1967 Arab-Israeli War) where 4 Arab countries; Egypt, Jordan, Iraq & Syria, attacked Isreal. Also, most people don't know that 2 other Arab countries sent contigents into battle; Algeria and Kuwait.

    So 6 Arab countries that attacked Isreal with over 465,000 regular army troops, 2800 tanks, 1500 artillery peices,1100 APCs and 810 combat aircraft. Granted the Irsrealis had an army of 264,000 men including a majority of reservists, and their tanks and aircraft were superior to those supplied to the Arabs by the Soviets. Considering all this not only were these Arab countries soundly defeated, but the small democratic country of Isreal took over and yes, occupied 100s of kilometers of Arab lands while these countries ran back across their boarders.

    What about the 1956 Suez War where Egypt was not only defeated by Isreal but also but isreal also took control and occupied the Sinai and Gaza Srtip.? And guess what, Isreal was forced to withdraw from those lands because of pressure placed on them by the USSR and the USA. Yes, the USA.

    inally, let's not forget about the 1973 Arab-Isreali War (aka -Yom Kipper War, Ramadan War, October War). This was a surprise atack on Isreal by an Arab Coalition lead by Syria and Eygpt. During the first 2 weeks the Arab Eygpt & Syria were dominating the conflict. But but the third weak the Syrians has once again been completely pushed out of the Golan Heights and the Egyption army had been forcedback to the original cease fire line established by the 1967 war.

    And as for your uninformed comment regarding one hidden man with the right gun can kill thousands of tanks; I am a US army veteran of the field artillery. My training included the use of anti-tank weapons, the actual use of tanks and desert warfare. Your claim that one man hidden in the field with the right gun (what kind of gun do you think can destroy a tank, be used & fired by one man and be kept hidden? There isn't one.) can kill 1000's of tanks demonstrates you have no concept of field operations or logistical capabilities during combat operations.

    I am not a big supporter of Isreal. However, I can appreciate when a country with limited resources continues to defeat larger countries with superior resources.

    I suggest you get your facts straight, read up on the history of the middle-east (and not rely on some white power or anti-semetic websites), study military strategy and history before you talk about things you know littleabout.

    By the way, it may surprise you to learn that I lived in the middle east among various ethnic Arabs (including Egyptians and Syrians) and found them to be friendly, passionate and generous people.

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    Israel has not been defeated militarily as any one can see. .

    It is now obvious that what Israel wanted was to inflict on Lebanon such destruction and make its people suffer so much, as to insist Hezbollah left their land. Israel has achieved the first part and now must wait and see what the Lebanese people will do.

    However, Israel , by using terror bombing tactics, has paid a very high price in turning world opinion and good will against it. And the Lebanese will hate Israel neighbor for generations. Many people consider state terrorism even worse than gang terrorism.

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    You think like a Hezbollah coward,there are more things to consider than tanks.You seem pleased at the thought of engaging in war.Your hostility towards the Israelis is evident in your choice of words.One can never truly defeat a people that only wants freedom and the right to live at peace.The Israeli people will never be defeated,but the cowards behind Hezbollah will.I am not an Israeli .I am an American,and I am not a Jew.I am a realist and you are a fool.

    Lebanon is a weak country ,filled with terrorist,they cant protect themselves so they dance to the piper,do you foolish extremest really know what is going on .read a US or British paper get a real view of the world,stop believing your own lies.

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    ..........and the flea shook his fist mightily at the elephant and declared victory!

    After the first Gulf War, when Saddam had his hiney unceremoniously handed to him; he declared victory, and erected a commemorative monument.

    Thinking it is so doesn't make it so. Enjoy your delusions, my friend. Soon, it will all be too real, and only one side can prevail. Can I give you a hint? IT'S NOT YOURS!

    FYI: If you are going to be an Al-Qaeda operative, you might consider boning up on your language skills.

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    Hell ya Israel is defeated! Hezbollah is kicking their butts and everyone knows it! They can't stand to see their soldiers being killed! Long Live Palestine and Lebanon!! Down with Israel!!

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    Life is cheap Tanks are expensive, Hopefully they will buy new ones from the US with bagels and lox, or just use all that foreign aid money we give them. Build a tank create a high paying job

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    Get your head out of you a s s they are not defeated. They are deep in Lebanon!!!!! You-So Funny!!!

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    They and thier allies are defeated, what only remains for them to do is to take to their heels, although they are about to but they are saved by United Nations Resolutions that requires the fight to be stopped. That is what they are looking for, and they got it. They now found their way out of the graveyard.

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    are you crazy israel is wining.

    if you want the truth go to

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