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Hezbollah and Israel...?

Why is i fair that the US supplies Israel with so many weapons every years spending billions of dollars, and when Iran supplies Hezbollah for self defense everyone goes crazy about it?

arent both killing innocent people?? why hasnt anyone criticizes the US for supplying Israel??


US spends billions of dollars getting involved in wars that arent theres... when they have people sleeping in the streets and people who need their homes built after Katrina and a million other things that need to be adjusted and cleaned up for their own people?

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    USA is biggest terrorist on earth. Supporting israel, has captured land of IRAQ, and Afghanistan, If you view the planning of USA, you will see clearly the facts USA contninuesly aiming muslim countries, like

    USA did strike at saudan



    Threatning Syria and


    will Be against Pakistan

    and Saudia Too

    in Past

    cheate many countries like Pakistan in 1971 wars

    did give f16

    Supporting Israeal - An Illegal country killing innocent people

    Threatning other muslim countries

    Deceived iraq in 1992 to attack kuwait and then did attack on iraq

    the gwantamobe prison

    He support usama bin laden in russia-afghan war and now became against them

    and more



    and much more terroroism in other pasrts of world

    now isreal everyone know created by US

    cant US see atomic bombs of israel?

    Who giving Israeal the weapons?

    US wants oil and other resources

    its economy using 25% of all world resources

    where its going?


    Bush presents a bill in congress to raise defensive budget by 40%


    every one knows Bush and his father along with ramz field ha share in their own oil companies

    they are in this business for 50 years


    All world

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    No, it's not always fair, but Hezbollah is labeled a terrorist organization here in USA. It's not an army. A lot of our citizens and the world do criticize our government every day. No decent person wants any innocent people to get hurt or killed.

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    Israel has alot of cards it can play- if anyone says something against Israel, they get labeled antisemetic. Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land is a great thing to watch, especially if you think that Israel is always the victim. I personally feel that Israel knows that the US government is behind whatever it does, and maybe Israel is being used as an American foothold in the Middle East just a thought...there's always at least two sides to every debate.

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    Because Hezbullha is a terrorist organization that must be destroyed like a cancer.

    If Israel does not then the US will have to, which may mean the destruction of both Syria and Iran.

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    Israel has signed peace agreements with every neighboring country wanting peace (Jordan, Egypt), and will continue to do so. As soon as Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria back off from their vow to kill all Jews, Israel will gladly sign a peace agreement with them.

    Don't hold your breath!

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    Sara, the answer is simple:

    Israel does not try to kill civilians; Hezbollah does try to kill civilians.

    That's the difference between terrorists and people at war.

    There's more to say, but I try to keep things short and simple.

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    that is a really good question, teh world does criticizes usa and so does teh media, but the problem is we cannot stop them. when usa decided go on war with iraq, their were numerous protests and even the UN ruled against teh attack, yet usa did what tehy wanted to do....ppl still say that it was a wrong decision, yet we could do nothing wot so ever to stop them....usa is in power......

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    the one has power has the rule. whether its right or wrong.

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