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Israeli or Lebanon?

plz see your heart too . tanx

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    Greeting to all from Lebanon

    By now my country has been destroyed from its sounth till its north and east and many lives wasted, so many children becoming pieces of meat...and yet no one cares for us. No one even remembers a single name of a child that died in Lebanon and yet everyone knows who r the children that got kidnapped. no one sees that we have no fuel anymore, no food, no water. All this hate....if only you can see what networks do not would cry of shame of what has happened to humanity. 1000 civilians, most of which became unrecognizable. And yet with only 40 dying in Israel, we (in Lebanon) appear to be evil.....Shame

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    Hummmm I'm not exactly sure what the question is so I'll take advantage of the situation to insert my two cents here. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Israel all have the right to exist. Each country is a sovereign nation with the right of their constituents to write laws, elect officials and conduct commerce according to their will. No other country has the right to interfere with the inner workings of another sovereign nation. Each country has the right to defend itself against aggression of another.

    Taking the current situation into consideration we already have a problem. Palestine conducted an election, as is their right as a sovereign nation to do so. The outcome of the election was not what Israel/USA wanted and we have the breakdown of non-interference in a sovereign state rule. This situation is concurrent with the Israeli presence in various parts of Palestine. The Israeli land-grab of Palestinian property as demonstrated in the illegal construction of a periphery that prevents Palestinians access to their own property and thus a means of employment. Check points are in place that systematically dehumanize and control all that are forced to past through them. Palestinian water sources are being diverted by Israeli interests and what is left is increasingly sullied and shrinking in size. An entire generation of Palestinians have been raised in "camps" on their own land.

    As stated above each sovereign nation has a right to defend itself, and Palestinians attempt to do so. It is deemed "Terrorism" and used as an excuse for further measures even more terrible than the ones used before. Extrajudicial assassinations are now the norm.

    The most powerful world legislative body has stood up against it only to be "vetoed" an thus rendered inept to "do" anything about it. What can we do?

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    Israel..... the criminal state where only the Devils lives.

    The Israel was occupied the lands of Palestine, Lebanon (Shebba Farms and several fertile Lebanese villages).

    Hezbollah..... the great patriotist...... now defeated the POWERFUL Israel without mercy.

    The Israel did nothing but killing as many as Women, Children, Kids and Infants.

    The Israel destroyed the Roads, Ports, Bridges, Water Tanks, Electricity, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Schools, Houses, Grocery shops and UN peace keepers.

    There was always a retaliation Hezbollah where Israel shells from its border. Where the news is not reaching to the people but only the false propaganda as Hezbollah a Terror.

    The Israel holding thousands of Lebanese and Palestine innocent civilians illegally in their Prisons. There is no clue for them a welfare or release.

    Think... is not it a foolish and Devillish crimes by Israel for two soldiers it has lost more than 100 soldiers? And killed Hundreds if Innocents and left entire infrastructure destroyed?

    And even now, the arrogance, threatS and killing is not and end for the conflict, but a fierce beginning. Present Israeli crimes will not left right without a justice.

    The Jews who are much worst then Hitler has any face to talk about HOLOCAUST?

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    the answer to this question lies deep in every body's heart. how would you feel if someone took you home, country, or even your beloved ones life? what you feel is the answer and that is Lebanon.

    Israel needs to start to respect the fact that others are also humans and they deserve to live. all victims are equal Mr. Bolton (he stated in the UN that it is unethical to equal the Lebanese and Israeli victims) Lebanon has only been targeted soldiers whereas Israel bombed only civilians.

    the best answer would be of course PEACE

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    I am always in support of the underdog, so my heart lends support to the Lebanese people. However, I cannot say that I particularly support Hezbollah, who represent a tiny minority of the people.

    I cannot support Israel, due to their hypocrisy in having produced nuclear weapons, and holding the world to ransom with them. I support complete disarmament, and an end to all war. How can we call ourselves civilised people when we vote for governments that support and encourage war.

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    the Israeli and Lebanon civilians.

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    Lebanon sure..its the country who is brutally attacked! i go for Lebanon and any man with a heart will do so as well,but unfortunately dead hearts are alot these days.

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    Israel because Lebanon start war by got some Israeli solder.

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    I cannot support of thieves and murderers.

    Only arrogant and brainwashed fools would support Israel

    Actually, you jew lovers need to get your FACTS straight....

    Israel started this latest mess by shelling those civilians on the beach with their ships..and of course awoke arab anger..and rightly so. Kidnapped right..what a farce.

    Go back to Fox Jews.

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    Lebanon for sure

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