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(前面已經打好了)......Pisces is my star sign.












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    I think most characteristics of a Pisces fit me well. I am charming, imaginative, sentimental, and creative. I am a cheerful, playful, and humorous among friends, and bring happiness to the crowd. My parents also describe me as a independent and considerate child.

    The four members of my family are dad, mom, my elder sister and myself. My dad constantly travels between Taiwan, China, and Vietnam due to the nature of his work. My mom is a typical housewife who takes care of all domestic matters. My sister's job relates to the entertainment business. I feel comfortable and blessed in this ordinary family.

    I love instant messaging with friends, play games, listen to music in my leisure times. I have a broad taste in music and I am recently indulging with the Musical Notre Dame de Paris.Speaking of movies, Jonny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite. I also love volleyball and swimming. I was a member of the junior varsity in dodge ball and pool in school. I hold credentials in piano where I started learning at six and have not been practicing for a while. It would be so regretful to give up my six years of practice, and I hope I will have a chance to brush it up.

    My best times were back in elementary school because those days were simply burdenless. As of now, I am still in contact with many of my teachers, coaches and classmates. Being a high school junior, I find myself buried in piles of book. It is tough, but I know it will pay off. I will keep my goals in my mind and strive for my best

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    I think I possess many Pisces characters. I am emotional, imaginative, sentimental, and an artist full of creativity. In my friends’ eyes, I am game for laugh, outgoing, and humorous. I always bring happiness to people. In my parents’ eyes, I am an independent and thoughtful child.

    There are four people in my family, father, mother, sister and I. My father is a businessman. Recently he has to commute among Taiwan, China, and Vietnam because of his work. My mother is a housewife, and she does all the housework. My sister is eight years senior to me, and her job is about show business. My family is ordinary and in harmony. I feel blissful to live in this atmosphere.

    At home I like to surf the Internet, play games, and listen to music. I like various kinds of music. Recently I have been fascinated with Notre de dame de Paris. Watching movies is also one of my interests. The most unforgettable movie for me this year will definitely be Pirates Caribbean. It is so great. Besides, I like exercising, such as volley ball and swimming. I used to be a dodgeball player and a korfball player in elementary school. When I was a junior high school student, I also participated in pool game competition and did a good job. Playing piano is one of my special skills and interests. I started learning it when I was about five or six years old., and I also passed the piano performance examination. Although I stopped learning it for some reasons, I hope I will have a chance to continue learning in the future. After all, I have played the piano for six years.

    During my student time, the happiest time for me is the years in elementary school. During that time I feel no pressure and I could learn happily. Teachers, coaches, and classmates were getting along with each other well, and we still keep in touch. As a junior in senior high school, I have to study every day. Although it’s not easy, I know it is for my future. Therefore, I will study hard, and fulfill my duty as a student.

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