Do supposedly "scary" movies ever really scare you?

Horror movies are like pornos, The really good ones are pretty rare. Most of them are pretty lame (my opinion) and not even worth watching.


I mean I wish there were better ones like the 'Evil Dead" trilogy and some of the great zombie movies, at least they were funny. and even somewhat realistic looking.

Update 2:

Most of you are saying that movies from the past are more likely to have truly frightening qualities, and I agree! And it probably does have to do with the age you are when you watch them, My first scary movies were a doulble feature at the local theatre, The incredible two headed transplant, and the house that dripped blood. Those both kind of disturbed me for a while, My freind said that Hostle disturbed him when he saw it a few weeks ago, but I havent seen it yet. Is it good?

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    Yeah, I know what you're saying, most of the horror movies that come out today are really terrible and have absolutely no suspense in them. They only thing they occasionally do is have something jump out and catch you off guard. I personally enjoy just laughing at all the stupid thing that the characters do. There were a lot more truly scary and suspensefu horror movies awhile ago.

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    Usually nothing scares me...what does though are the psychological thrillers...the really old ones that is...back when I first saw Clockwork Orange, for exzample, I was disturbed for days...I was in my early teens...

    The movie that still gives me the creeps is The Shining. The other day it was showing it on television, and I couldn't watch more than half an hour without getting creeped out. So, for me, that ones stands the test of time.

    Again, as a kid what also gave me the creeps, was Candyman. I saw that when I was 12 years old.

    I think that any horror flick that we watch as kids really scare us...not all do...but many, I think, affect us...but as we get passed a certain age...I'd say 14/15, nothing is that scary anymore...or maybe it's that movies today don't have that factor...

    My last example would be Silence of the Lambs...That movie made me paranoid and scared...but I was 12 years is it that it was a good movie or is it the age I saw it at?

    I cant think of anything recent that could even compare to the movies listed above, when it comes to the suspense/fear factor.

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    Scary movies are no longer scary to me. They have become so deep into the more fantasy writing than into things that actually scare me. I think that the last movie that scared me was The Blair Witch Project....yes I know it wasn't real but at the time it came out in the theatres there was rumor and hype that it might be. It was scary because it dealt with things that could possibly happen. A small group of kids get lost in a forest, a maniacal killer is there with them, it was more frightening because it was something that could happen.

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    The only movies that scared the crapola out of me are;

    The Excorsist (original) I saw this as a kid and had my mom watch me clean my room cuz I was scared Regan was going to get me

    Candyman--I saw this and after watching it with my cousin I had to unfortunutly go home (I lived right behind him at the time) to let out my dog. It was dark and I was alone so I turned on all the lights grabbed a big steak knife and waited until my dog was done.

    Psycho (original) I refused to take a shower after seeing this as a was either baths or if I did take a shower it was with the shower curtain open.

    The Grudge--One certain part in the movie scared the crap out of me and kept my up until 2 am. (I am not going to say which part in case some people havn't seen the movie yet)

    but other than that I may get "freaked" on cetain horror movies but the feeling soon passes and its like it never happened.

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    I like scary movies, too. The Exorcist was the scariest one I ever saw. I saw it when it was first out in the 70's. People were coming out of the theater white as sheets. The ushers were working overtime cleaning up the theaters after some couldn't keep their popcorn down.

    Have you noticed that most scary movies these days are PG 13 so younger kids can legally get in? I guess that's the target audience. Maybe that's why they don't seem as scary these days.

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    Yeah. I just watched "Boo" (the name should have been enough of a clue to me) and it mostly sucked. Some of them scare me after the fact, like when I'm laying in bed trying to sleep, but during the movie I'm usually sitting there going "What the hell are you doing?!" or "Oh yeah, like THAT would ever really happen." I think the only "scary" movies that scare me during and after the fact are zombie movies, but that's because I am truly frightened of zombies.

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    Horror movies are my favorite genre. The only one that ever made me stay up all night was the first Final Destination. Why? It's about can't do anything to avoid it. There's no scary guy in a mask that you can kill and then it's's about the unknown fate...that was pretty scary. The second one was pretty good...I don't know if I want to watch the third went straight to DVD...that's not a particulary positive sign that it's good.

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    I get the creeps so I don't watch them anymore. Films like The Fly (the original), Psycho and The Exorcist did me in...also I hate any movies where things come out of people's noses (gross)!!

    Porn, on the other hand (ha!), is a whole different world.

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    The last movie that scared me was The Exorcist. That was years ago. Maybe if I were still a little kid I would be scared of the newer ones, but come on, I've seen scarier stuff in my own backyard.

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    sad but your right...horror movies are hard to come by. I have not found a horror movie yet that scared me..still on the look's sad, we have better technology and able to have better side effects...but I think the OLDER horror movies come closer to be scary then these new ones....the new horror releases just are too predictable....

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