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What r some good singers??

Well... I like Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Marion Raven, Aly & AJ, Madonna, etc... so if u know any good artists like them who sing good pop, could u tell them to me??


I obviously know beyonce, christina aguilera, and other famous artists... what I'm looking 4 are some unknown artists... like Cheyenne Kimball or that stile!!

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  • Frosty
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    Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, George Strait, Suzy Boggus, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Ray Charles, John Anderson, Johnny Rivers, Helen Reddy, Ann Murray, Abba, Manhattan Transfer, Mamma Cass, Beatles, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Toby Keith, The Righteous Brothers, Jennifer Warnes, the Singing Sergeants (U.S. Air Force). That's just a few.

  • Anne R
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    If you like Madonna then you would definitely like Kylie Minogue, I love her albums Fever and Body Language. And I really like Emma Bunton's Free Me album too.

  • Anonymous
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    Jessica Alba

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    Well, I dont know about pop, but if you want someone who can sing beautifuly yet rock out hard, listen to Evanescence. Amy Lee rocks!! She is classically trained, but she can also rock out like the guys. My voice is kind of like a cameleon...I can sound just like the singer (unless it's a so I can basically sing anything

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    imho, pop isnt very good, but some people still like it, some GOOD singers are... i dunno, but i do know a lot of good guitarplayers. I also know where you could find singers you like, create a station on Launchcast, then search for your favorite artists, rate them at what you would, 4stars, 5stars, 3stars, etc. and then listen to your station it will play similar artists, and songs by your favorite artists.

  • Aaliyah, Ciara, Pink, Jojo, Rihanna, girl I'm just throwing names out there...Paris Hilton,Cassie.....I don't know.

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    LeAnn Rimes is one of the best of the best, she has vocals unlike others

  • 1 decade ago

    bonnie tyler...u mite know total eclipse of the heart or its a heartache

    celion dion

  • ME!!!! hahaha no but really i am a good singer..not pop tho like evanescence and stuff like that..but if u know anyone who could hook my up with a producer or something e mail me..silverstein_isforlovers@yahoo!!!k? thanks!!!!!

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    I don't think I would be much help, since we have completely different tastes in good singers!

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