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israel leaving lebanon?

Did israel withdraw all troops from lebanon from after the lebanese civil war? I was sure that the current war started becuase the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah (breaking the peace treaty signed by Lebanon), and then Hezbollah sending short ranged rockets that would only have been fired from the buffer zone created in the peace treaty. Now I am hearing that Hezbollah reasons for the kidnapping is due to Israeli presence in south lebanon even after peace in Lebanon was supposedly settled. Is this true, and the media is hiding it from us, or are Hezbollah and their supporters just trying to make a lame excuse for terrorising israel?


I am pro israeli because they are obviously defending themselves from invading middle east countries, but there's eitehr something missing, or the Hezbollah honestly wants to kill every Jew alive and take the israeli land.

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    When Israel pulled out completely from Leb in 2000, Hez had no justification for continued it came up with Shebaa Farms. This strip of land was actually taken over by Syria before 1967. Leb had no claim to it until after Israel took it over from Syria.

    Now that Syria no longer controls it and knows that Israel will never give it back to Syria, Syria has nothing to lose by saying, Ok, Lebanon we don't want it anymore can have it.

    So now all of sudden Lebanon claims it to be part of Lebanon again. Assuming Shebaa Farms ever does go back to Lebanon, Hez has already prepared more land claims...these based on the original 1948 borders between Israel and Lebanon covering about 7 towns or so.

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    Israel did not withdraw from all Lebanon (Shabba farms) and it constantly had violating its air space even before war started. Those Israeli sodires captured were engaged in battle inside Lebanon territory, its a very stupid excuse to start a war - but thanks to pro Israeli media peoples have got confiused about this fact.

    One point is definitely sure, if they would no encounter resistence from Hezbollah now and before, they would have definitely anexed south Lebanon , like thay have done with Golan Heights.

    Althogh Israel does never respect UN resolutions , I they will be forced to leave lebanon wether they like it or not.

  • The UN resolution 1559 required Israel to withdraw and respect Lebanon's sovereignty, it did. The Lebanese government was to have exclusive authority throughout the country. All militias(including Hezbollah) in Lebanon were supposed to disband and disarm, they didn't.

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    My understanding is that Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers to use as leverage to get Israel to release three Lebanese prisoners that are held in prison on charges of murder. One of whom killed a father in front of his son and then shot the child dead - convicted in a properly constitute court.

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    Israel had withdrawn from Lebanon, but this does not imply Israeli military did not occasionally disregard the border. Israel still occupies many regions outside of their official borders, despite U.N. objections.

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    Israel completely withdrew from lebanon, and then hezbollah moved in and built bunkers to launch their rockets from.

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    as far as i'm in contact, they ought to end what they began, and the Lebanese government has in fact taken facets with Hezbollah, no remember if out of worry or the fact that hezbollah is a huge sufficient part of the government. until eventually now Israel finishes this marketing campaign, there must be little doubt who the victor is.

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