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Bush's healthcare agenda?

Is anyone concerned that president Bush's uncle, William H.T. (Bucky) Bush is on the board of directors of the largest health benefits company?


Hey chuck, I suppose Bush being president has nothing to do with his father? His brother in Florida? Hello???

Update 2:

darkmoregan, you're making my point.

Why don't you care?

Update 3:

Long Road, the republican congress passed his prescription drug plan and now the former congressman who wrote the legislation, Billy Tauzin is the head of the biggest pharmaceutical lobbying organization.

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    Worried? Hell yes! Bush's cronies are holding all the powerful positions in the private and public sector.

    While Bush's friends in the drug company rake in record breaking profits, the elderly and disabled are wondering if they can afford to get their medication scripts filled or eat a small can of tuna! Oh, and while they are making these difficult decisions, the Administration is pouring billions upon billions on Iraq, DAILY so THEY can have good schools, good medical care, etc.

    It is an outrage.

    It is a disgrace and nobody seems to care....

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    I really didn't know that. But I really don't care. Under his new prescription drug plan my mom has had to move in with me because she can no longer afford to live on her own. She's lost 1/2 of her benefits pay and her out of pocket drug expenses has skyrocketed. She went from paying $27 a month on a $1200 budget to paying $150 a month on $550 budget.

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    Good question. Thankfully any Pres. Bush plan has to gain approval of Congress. Pres. Bush wanted to cut funding for airport security and Congress said no. if that is any indication that Pres. Bush will not get a "blank check" for his proposals and Congress is working as they should Poor Bucky will stay on his own.

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    Bush's healthcare policy is, "I got the best healthcare in the world for life and my contributors in the healthcare industry are getting rich. Who cares about you people?"

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    no, my cousin is on the Board of Walmart and that mean zero for me.

    Having a relitive in some position has little to do with policy and choices.

    Channeys daughters are lesbian, so why is bush and his party not for gay rights, if your thinking is correct.

    Bush believes in free enterprise system, not government control of industry, difference in democratic government and socialism.

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    What healthcare agenda? hehe

    I didn't know that. Thanks

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