What did Israel win from its war against Lebanon?

I think Israel after a month of brutal bombings , showed the world that it doesn't care about UN , about the world, about USA, about its neighbours ...


Israel was attacking Lebanon , more than Hizbollah...

It bombed all Lebanon's infrastructure and destroyed a lot in the Christian part , where there are no hezbollah... I read well the news and i know beyond what is written .... read other than american papers u may know what i mean...

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    Israel 'won' a reputation as a country led by ruthless weakminded leaders who cannot discern the difference between meeting their goals and simply destroying for destruction's sake.

    This shelling of Lebanon has won Israel no friends in the world, and has caused many Americans who previously supported Israel to look at the use of their tax dollars for bombing innocent children as a negative.

    Instead of the minor nuisance of Hezbollah, Israel will now have a strong contingent of Chinese Army troops to govern its northern border, breathing down the necks of any expansionist plans or excuses for further exploitation.

    World sympathy will go to rebuilding Lebanon, and Israel's sphere of influence will be heavily constrained for the near future. This time, it appears that permanent damage to Israel's reputation as a real country instead of a collection of near-terrorists has been sustained.

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    Israel wasn't in a war against Lebanon.

    Israel is in a war against Hezbollah. And that war is not over. There is a temporary cease fire. Both sides are still fortifying their positions (see link below).

    Under the UN resolution, Israel pulls out when either Hezbollah is disbanded or when UN forces arrive to enforce a buffer zone preventing Hezbollah from attacking Israel. Which is all Israel was ever trying to accomplish in the first place.

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    Okay, it's time for you to read more than just the headlines of the newspaper.

    For starters, Isreal did NOT go to war against Lebanon. They went to war against the Hizbollah, who are such cowards that they hide behind the Lebanese citizens.

    The Hizbollah are funded by Syria and Iran, and both countries want to take control of Lebanon. the Hizbollah are nothing more than terrorists who have control of the south part of Lebanon.

    You can find these answers in any newspaper.

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    not precisely. Israel replaced into particularly for sure triumphing against Hezbollah however the international community did not like that. So Israel in certainty pronounced that they could be keen to instruct the subject over to them as long as they made confident the missile assaults stopped (all they actually cared approximately). by using fact Lebanon is obviously the aggressor right here and that they in certainty want each and every jew interior the midsection east ineffective, no remember the fee, i think of it not likely they are going to abide with the aid of the peace contract. this could consequence in those international locations who have been condemning the way Israel replaced into handling this, being forced to combat Hezbollah (enable's see how they like it, lol). i could say it rather is the start of all out conflict interior the midsection east.

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    thats un true what u wrote.they were just showing the world thats they aren't to be messed with.and when push comes to shove they will rise to the occasion.and all there neighbors don't want them to be there.examples or lebanon,iran,syria.and Palestinians.they just want to live there in peace not in fear of rockets and terror threats.and remember Hezbollah started the whole thing.and they hide were civilians live and work.Hezbollah is a bunch of girls scouts.why hide behind people and use them for human shields. if they would just come out and fight.but they won't because they would lose

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    It won the chance to begin it's mission of world domination it sees that no one will stop them so they will continue with their take over of the middle East then the world

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    In short they won Time.

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    The fight is with Hezbollah, a known terrorist organization.

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    What does anyone "win" when they fight back after being attacked? They hopefully survive and send a message to those that attack them: there will be severe consequences to those that attack me.

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    nothing, only created the bigger war which will become the third ww, so kiss yr ash good bye

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