Which company own Yahoo and where is Yahoo Server installed?

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    Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ (GS): YHOO)

    701 1st Ave.

    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    Phone: 408-349-3300

    Fax: 408-349-3301




    Internet users around the world are cheering for this company. Yahoo! is the leading online information portal, drawing more than 400 million people to its network of Web sites with a mix of news, entertainment, and online shopping, as well as its search engine and Internet directory. The company also offers registered users personalized Web pages, e-mail, and message boards. Yahoo! publishes content in 15 languages in 20 countries. It generates most of its revenue through advertising sales, but it also charges subscriptions for premium services. In addition, Yahoo! provides online marketing and other commercial services and it offers Internet access through partnerships with telecommunications companies.

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    I think Yahoo is a company name.

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    There is a very thorough history of Yahoo on Wikipedia:


    I don't know where their main servers are based... everywhere, most-likely...

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    ask yahoo!

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