y dose earth revolves around sun and y dos it spins in its own axis, - i need d reason?

what cause it to do so, is there any force which is not known

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Both !

    The sun is at the center of the elipse the earth is travelling along around it. That travel lasts one year and create the seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter).

    The earth is also spinning around its own axis, doing one complete cycle (turn) every day, creating the day and night.

  • pshdsa
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    1 decade ago

    Obviously there is a force causing the earth to spin on its axis and revolve around the sun. More than that, there is a consistency in the path of the earth and the pace of the earth. It is orderly; and it is precise; and it never changes. It is like a Swiss watch on a grand scale. This bespeaks a designer, a builder, a watch maker if you will. The alternative it to think it just happened. Now what can you point to that is orderly and precise and say it just happened? That is just as silly as saying the watch on your wrist just happened.

  • 1 decade ago

    It spins in it's own axis because that's how it was formed, in a revolving cloud of dust and matter. It spins much slower now because it collided with another planet, and the dust and particles broken off eventually formed the moon. The moon acted as a "brake" to slow the earth's rotation. There used to be huge tides on earth, caused by the moons gravity, so big in fact that as the earth turned, the water would drag accross its surface and slow it down. The collusion also knocked the earth off it's orbit, "out of balance" giving us our seasons.

  • 1 decade ago

    because we just cant hang in space with out a string (gravity) sun has gravity so we revolve around it..take a phsics course..its goin to be boring an if ur anything like i am you would be sleepin most of the time but you will get this question answered

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  • 3 years ago

    once you're in a motor vehicle, practice, or airplane, you are able to circulate around conveniently even however the motor vehicle is hurtling alongside. that's the comparable way with the Earth. the exterior velocity relative to the middle is a little greater suitable than one million,000 mph on the equator, which counters gravity there *particularly*, making Earth an oblate spheroid (flattened on the poles). yet each and every thing on earth alongside with oceans and atmosphere is spinning alongside with it. the only substantial result's while something strikes north or south, there's a small rigidity that curves its direction (in many cases called the Coriolis result). This finally leads to wind and ocean modern-day kinds, alongside with hurricane direction. in addition, Earth strikes in its orbit at very virtually 30 km/s (over one hundred,000 mph!), yet because each and every thing is shifting with it, we don't observe. Earth's rotational and orbital velocity *does* could be taken under consideration while we launch spacecraft, because we could calculate thrusts and directions relative to despite the fact that the trip spot is. and you are able to desire to circulate previous the photograph voltaic gadget to observe that the solar is in orbit around the galaxy and the galaxy is dashing in direction of the Andromeda galaxy, yet we are all going alongside for the journey.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think from the atom to solar system has the basic structure of rotaing the nuclueus in atom the electrons are rotating the protons and neutrons..... and in the solar system the planets are rotating the sun where it acts as a protrons and neutrons... i think this basic science make the relationship....

  • 1 decade ago

    A) God made it that way, and B) some say he went about making it that way by means of the Big Bang. I'd imagine the laws of inertia and gravity come into it.

  • steven
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    1 decade ago

    so that one side of the earth does not stay in the dark away from the sun.

  • 1 decade ago

    sun has huge mass

    it thus attracts all objects towards it

    so earth is one of those objects that move arnd it

    earth has to keep rotating arnd its own axis so as to constantly remain in motion and prevent itself frm getting sucked into the sun .its d same as in case of structure of the electrons and nutrons nd protons

    atleast i think so...................................!!

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