We are going to Walt disney world what is max weight on rides?

We are taking my mom to Walt disney WORLD she is over weight because of thyroid problems and is uncomfortable about the thought of being told she cant ride a ride because of her weight. She is 5 5" and 275lb If someone can tell me any rides where this would be an issue or the max weight on rides or what seats might be hard to close she carries most of the weight in her stomach. It would make the trip easier going if this is something i knew....Thank You Very much And please no childish remarks from anyone I would thank you...


She is only 45 yrs. old grew up in Florida and has not been there in 20 years It is a vacation she is really looking forward to and these are some concerns we had....

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    Your mom should be fine on most of the rides. My husband and I went to Disneyland. The only ride he was unable to get on was space mountain. Most of the other rides just have an adjustable lap bar. When you first get into the park. Go straight to customer service and tell them your concerns. They will be more than happy to accommodate you and have had these questions asked before.

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    Any of the fast roller coaster type rides will be uncomfortable. One good thing is if she agrres to a wheelchair or similar transportation, your group can move ahead in line. There are rides like the great american movie ride in MGM Studios she will love, and parades and firwork shows that are all part of the disney experience.

    My point is have fun dont get caught up with ride issue..

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    I think an older overweight person would not feel too comfortable going on this kind of vacation. Are you overlooking her needs just a little? Obviously you're not all going to DW to please your mother. Why put her through it? Instead take her on a vacation that she'll love.

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    Have you checked the website?

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    You should contact DW.

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