How can I find my ex-husband's probation officer?

He was convicted in Harris county TX


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    There can be many reasons for someone to locate a person's probation officer, and not all reasons are sinister. You're best bet is to call the general number for the Harris County Probation Department and ask to be put in contact with the probation officer that supervises (first name, middle name, last name). The probation officer will not discuss your ex-husband's case or other privacy matters, but if your motive is to report fact based probation violations or other happenings that could affect the probation status, etc, he/she can listen to your input and evaluate the merits of it. Keep in mind that ex-spouses have a history of wanting to use the law as a tool for some type of revenge, etc, so the nature of your report has much to do with how it's handled and evalutated.

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    I don't mean this wrongly, but you don't need to find him and if you did, he can not discuss anything about your ex husbands case with you,

    If you have a problem with your ex, call your local police and file charges, or just make a report to the Probation office in that county.

    I can not think of one reason to talk directly to him, and he would not discuss it with you anyway.

    If he is in violation, merley contact the local police

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    Go to the court house in Harris county its all on the records.You could also get imfo if you have his ss# .

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