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Big star signs contract extension?

Shawn Michaels has just recently signed a new contract w/wwe cuz his old one expired:

Shawn Michaels recently signed a five-year contract at $1.5 million per year with WWE. He will make at least $7.5 million throughout the duration of the contract - not including merchandise royalties, PPV bonuses, etc... The contract will expire when he is 46 years old.

This contract offer shocked a lot of people, including HBK himself. He never expected to get an offer close to this level. Michaels had talked about phasing himself out and working a lesser schedule, but with this kind of money offered to him, he changed his mind.

What are your peoples thought and any excited about HBK staying with wwe for the next 5 years?



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    i guess with ratings on raw so high--they wanted to keep it that way.there's a whole new generation of dx followers.look for new members soon!!

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    Well, if he's signing on for that long, I guess his back is definately healed. I've always enjoyed his work in the ring and on the mic.. there really aren't many better at either phase of the sports entertainment game. Though I'm not sure I can take 5 years of DX.. hopefully he'll have a few good characters and storylines, and not get bogged down with newcomers like the Spirit Squad.

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    As one of the older wrestlers, I'm surprised to hear that he has signed a 5 year contract. Nevertheless i glad to hear that he will be sticking around for a while, let's see where Dx goes now??.

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    Goooood news for manly :) I really like it when players stick with clubs for a long time. Even when it's not my club and i secretly want the players to sign with the knights...

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    i am really excited he is staying for the next 5 years he is such a good wrestler i love him sooo much he is so charasmatic and his wrestling style is soo good he has alot of heart behind his matches he puts in 150% to all of his matches he deserves to stay in this business i am sooo glad i can continue to watch such a great future hall of famer wrestle!

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    I actually read this on a news site. Man, HBK still has it to go that long?!

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    for that kind of money, i think that i would stay too.

    i know that he is going to have knee surgery and be out for a while, but that just makes it that much better when he comes back.

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    I guess for that kind of money, I probably would stay also.

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    1 decade ago

    cool wit me i hope d-X stays together 2 raise some more hell

  • Cirno
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    1 decade ago

    THAT'S AWESOME!!! NOW THAT DX IS BACK!!!! i hope for 5 years! so's they can kick vince's @$$ for 5 years!!!

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