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Why won't Steve Perry tour solo or rejoin Journey ?

Steve Perry still sings great but has avoided touring, either solo or with Journey, for the past few years. What's going on with him ?

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    Before the Trial By Fire tour, Perry suffered a hip injury mountain hiking in Hawaii and was unable to perform. He had a degenerative bone condition and would need a hip replacement. Steve was reluctant to jump into surgery and wanted to postpone the tour.

    Given an ultimatum by his impatient bandmates, Perry opted to leave Journey permanently. Shocked and saddened fans grieved the absence of Perry saying, "the voice of Journey" was gone. The band brought in a new vocalist, Steve Augeri. Tensions remained high at the time between Journey and Steve Perry.

    Since then, news has been rare of the elusive singer. He eventually underwent a successful hip surgery in 1998 to correct the problem he had been diagnosed with two years earlier. He released the Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased compilation later in 1998; the unreleased tracks included the original Alien Project demo as well as selections from the abandoned Against The Wall C.D. In 1998, Perry also recorded two songs for the Warner Bros. film Quest for Camelot which can be found on the motion picture's soundtrack.

    The band participated in an episode of VH1's Behind the Music in 2001, where Steve made the controversial statement that he "never really felt like part of the band."

    Perry became more involved in motion pictures thanks to a close friendship with movie director Patty Jenkins. Accordingly, in 2003, Perry worked as a musical consultant on the critically acclaimed film Monster.

    More recently, Perry surprised fans by appearing at Journey's star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 21, 2005, after previously stating it was unlikely that he would ever stand with the band again. Perry said on his website that it was a good experience, and that tensions between him and the other band members were reduced, but that his rejoining Journey is not going to happen.

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    Steve won't ever go back to Journey. Neal Schon had a lot to do with that. Steve still does a lot of projects, but he just doesn't really need to tour. Then also when he had the whole thing with his hip, it just didn't seem practical. Most of the bands out there today that were big in the 80's go out there and tour and while some of them are still pretty good, the music is dated. If you are a real artist, you are going to recognize that and not put crap out on the streets for your fans. Case in point, have you heard the new Journey CD?

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    I was never allowed to got to concerts when I was growing up I wish I could see Steve Perry before I die cause he voice to this day I'm sure is like a pure blessing of God and I feel cheated to have never seen the man behind the great songs... I truly respect his privacy and I wish him good health but I sure would love to meet the man that stole my heart years ago..... I will always cherish your songs and your voice...I thank you for all the Songs you sang on the radio when I was a wee kid.... I'm 45 now and I wish you would come to Nashville, TN and do a show where I could see you on stage one time now Mr. Perry.... then I could say I truly saw him and you will be singing to some of the most decided fans you would have here we are know for Country music but we have love in the South for all kinds of music so if you are in in Nashville I hope you would do a couple of shows my love to you and I hope this letter finds you well....

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    huge Steve Perry fan. Parry and Brad Delp have 2 of the greater perfect making a song voices I surely have ever heard. i'm a extensive adventure & Boston fan. Jmike is sweet however. Steve Perry's voice is shot. it extremely is a shame extremely.

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    i have no clue, but steve perry is amazing, and i sure do wish he would do something again.

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    i don't know, but i saw them in concert in July at Hershey, PA, and it wasn't as good without him there :( He should tour solo

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