Has there ever been a nation or a group that claimed that it was on the wrong side when going to war?

Try to find one incident where this happened in over 6,000 years of recorded warfare. So, why should we believe Mr. Bush and his friends? It's gotta be more than because they said so.


i'm not talking about some insider cautioning against potential defeat and disaster. there's plenty of those. the neocons were warned from many insiders in the state department about possible complications, i'm asking, has there ever been a nation or a tribe that proclaimed, "we are in the wrong but we will rape and pillage for our benefit." try to find one. i bet you can't, because all sides always claim to be in the right.

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    The "good" guys always win the war. This is because the winners are the ones who write the history.

    Consider who wrote American history. It was written from the point of view of a middle to upper class male. I think American history would be a lot different from the point of view of a woman or an African American or a Native American.

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    Try 1941. Admiral Yamamoto was quite against Japanese war policy. He warned, admonished, and accurately so.

    He was also a man of honor, therefore he had to fulfill his commission as commander of Japans' navy and I think, army in his theater of operations.

    Americans are a fearful lot nowadays.

    It's not just the president. Whoever is up there. At street level you even use to hear before it started; We need a war. When you have deviate thinking like that being heard and acted upon at the highest levels, you know the country is on it's way out.

    No country needs a war. For any reason. To talk about it as though it were a dice or card game is absolutely perverse.

    If that makes me a bad American, ... let's send some ' good ' Americans over there.

    The ones with the big mouths that look like scraggly career criminals. Instead of ... you'll have to forgive me on this .... some poor dumb kid thinks he's doing something for his country and never got an option there in the first place.

    That's why he's in the army in the first place!

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    no.. and there never will be.

    Its easy to justify war, tough to justify a compromise.. Ask the US, or Israel, or Pakistan.

    No nation will want to cede an inch. It is perfectly justifiable as not every problem can have a solution benefitting both sides.

    Its just not practical.

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    This happened only in a film, I think -- a Peter Sellers movie called The Mouse that Roared. Funny film.

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    1 decade ago

    Of course not, however there were a lot of American protesting against Vietnam

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    Mit Gott Und. The inscription on Nazi uniform belt buckles. "With God I go", "Go with God". Enough said?

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    anybody with a weapon or supports in any way someone with a weapon is wrong.

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