Trade in Yahoo! Fantasy Football?

Not too sure- just toying with the idea: My buddy is going to give me his 1st 3 picks for LJ, which would be Ronnie Brown, Steven Jackson and Antonio Gates. With Westbrook on the bench and Witten in tow, maybe another possible trade? What do ya think?
Update: Between Brown and Jackson they had 1900yds and 12 Tds. I am also worried about who will backup Brown and Jackson incase of injury.

Also, we drafted before pre-season because it does not even effect the outcome of picks. All starters play a series or two, then the backups come in.
Update 2: Forgot to say that the guy has Kevin Jones and Corey Dillon on his bench to back LJ. Plus, no big deal picking up a TE, especially if I have to drop mine.
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