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Big Ten Player of the Year?

for this upcoming season in basketball.

candidates for each team:

Illinois- Shaun Pruitt, Jamar Smith, Richard McBride, Brian Randle, Warren Carter

Indiana- D.J White

Iowa- Adam Haluska

Michigan St- Drew Neitzel

Michigan- Courtney Sims, Dion Harris

Minnesota- Spencer Tollackson

Northwestern- None lol!

Ohio St- Greg Oden, Jamar Butler

Penn St- Jamelle Cornley, Geary Claxton

Purdue-Matt Kiefer, Carl Landry

Wisconsin- Alando Tucker, Kammron Taylor, Brian Butch

Anyone not on this list? Who should be the favorite?

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    Alando Tucker!!! Look at what he did last year. Now being a senior, look for Alando Tucker to dominate and earn the big ten player of the year award.

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    Jamar Butler is a strong favorite and will emerge as a high scorer and leader. Because of wrist injury, Greg Oden doesnt begin to play untill the big 10 season so the odds r higher against him. I dont think any of the young guys from illinois will stand out. Neitzel will have a good year, but not strong enough to give M st the edge they'll need in big ten play. Randle also from Illinois will be a contender. My moneys on either D.J white, Greg Oden or Jamar Butler.

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    I would say D.J. White, he is a 6-9 Forward, with great athleticism and should dominate the paint. Except there is also Greg Oden who is going to be a Freshman Phenom, and will most likely put up good numbers to win the award as well.

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    Greg Oden Ohio St-

    Scouting report: Incredibly fluid athlete for a 7 footer... Tremendous speed in the open court ... A center with his agility and talent comes along roughly every 10-15 years ... Extremely quick and explosive ... Enormous potential ... His game has improved significantly from his sophomore to junior seasons ... Starting to understand how to use his body and how dominant he can be ... Big defensive presence, and a terrific shot blocker with great length, timing and instincts ... Excellent rebounder ... Soft touch around the basket ... Has developed a decent turnaround hook with his right hand ... Very good passer with nice court vision (averaged 3.7 assists per game as a junior) ... Quality kid with a great attitude ... Very coachable, listens and wants to improve ... Team player with a winners mentality ... Improving on a daily basis ... Decent free throw shooter at 64% but needs to and should improve upon it (improved considerably from 51% as a sophomore)

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    I really think Neitzel and Haluska are going to have breakout years because they will both be the undisputed leader on their teams.

    But I think that Alando Tucker will be the player of the year because Wisconsin is going to be good and their best player is Tucker. If only he can fix his free throw shooting.

    Oden has alot of hype and he will dominate in the paint but I don't think he will win it as a freshman. His offensive skills still need to improve.

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    My pick to win it this year will be Greg Oden. I bet he dominates the NCAA this year and then goes to the NBA to be the #1 overall pick.

    It hurts me to say this because i am a Michigan fan.

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    Indiana- D.J White

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    It will probably be me!

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