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Why do the Architect and Oracle do this to their creators?

The Architect & The Oracle were programs created by Machines to keep a balance. But in wikipedia I read that their job is to "ensure that neither the humans nor the machines ever achieve a permanent victory". But why is that? They were created by machines, so shouldn't they help the machines get a permanent victory. I know that this his happening so that Humans stay alive and thus machines can survive, but the architect said that the machines are 'willing to accept certain levels of survival'.

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    The machines are 'willing to accept certain levels of survival' because 'Machines need humanity to maintain their civilization'.

    I'm sure you've read this but it explains why the Prophecy was put into play as an aid to allowing humans to have a choice but to do as the Architect wanted:

    'In order to maintain any "measure of control" over humans without impinging upon their ability to choose, The Architect turned again to the Oracle. Prophecy was used as a means of making the actions of free humans more predictable; The Oracle propagated a Prophecy among the free humans about a man, The One, who would be born in the Matrix, able to do as he wished within it. He would free humankind from the Matrix and destroy the machines forever. The Architect then programmed The One that would fulfill this prophecy. He was made not only carrying the source code of the Matrix "Prime Program", but also with a profound attachment to humanity that would later motivate him to fulfill the prophecy set forth by the Oracle. Every time the free humans had grown strong enough to start threatening machine hegemony, he would be born into the Matrix.

    Once The One emerged and began to meet the criteria of the Prophecy, the Architect would begin preparations to have Zion destroyed by a machine army. Subsequently, The Oracle would guide The One, through prophecy, to the Source (the machine mainframe) under the pretense that it would end the war in favor of the humans. The Architect, however, resides in a room that lies on the path to the Source, so the One would invariably encounter him along the way.

    During this encounter, The Architect would reveal his influence over the preceding events and present The One with a choice:

    He may return to the Source at which point the Matrix source code would be reinserted into the program, allowing for the system to reboot. Zion is still destroyed and people are still trapped in the Matrix, but The One would be allowed to select from the Matrix twenty-three individuals (seven males and sixteen females) to be freed so they could found a new Zion.

    He may refuse to cooperate and return to the Matrix. Refusal would lead to a system crash, killing all of the inhabitants of the Matrix. Coupled with the destruction of Zion, this would spell extinction for the human species.

    The One's programmed attachment to the rest of humanity contributed to his cooperation with The Architect (at least until the events of The Matrix). Presented with this False dilemma, past incarnations of The One apparently saw no alternative aside from those supplied by the Architect, and chose to cooperate.

    Consequently, while Morpheus and the rest of Zion believe the start of the resistance one hundred years ago to be the beginning of their struggle, in fact it was the resolution of the fifth iteration of the Matrix and the beginning of the sixth.

    Thus, with the Oracle's help, the Architect was able to, for a time, maintain a large degree of control over the human species, despite having to cede a measure of control to them, through use of the Prophecy and The One.'

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    Got me stumped there. Watched the Trilogy a few times, but those two roles just don't make sense.

    Maybe it does have something to do with no final victory. Giving the robots something to fight for. In the first movie, we are told that the 1st program was a perfect world, but humans rejected them. Maybe it's something similar?

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    Maybe because humans created the first machine which created the other machines.

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