Tell me something about Jesus that comes from your personal experience.?

Do not post things you have heard in the Bible or from any other person (no matter who said it). Tell me what you know about Jesus from your OWN experience, not from what others tell you to believe.

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    Dear JRN Prophet: He sits with me when I read. Sometimes, he points things out to me. Sometimes, I ask Him about some thing - and receive His voice within my head - telling me the deepest things about that which I have asked. Things I can not know myself.

    His words mesmerize me. He opens doors of the Mind and helps me see vistas I am not capable of alone. He has taught me everything I know that is worth knowing - in my evaluation.

    He has told me things about my experiences in life - my relationships - in such depth and detail - that I am cleaned out -in my mind - about events that made me upset or unhappy. Small friendship betrayals - things like that. He put into proper perspective for me my family dynamics and the relationship I had with my parents. He makes clear all things and puts it straight - inside my thinking. I am clean, in my thoughts and perceptions now, because of all He has told me.

    He tells me some times of something that will come - in my life - and He has been right! His guidance, and His instruction have proven to me, repeatedly, that He is my Teacher of Teachers - my Baptism into cleanliness of mind - my Healer. For Jesus has performed healings upon me also.

    He is my All. He has fed me with His thoughts put into words; He has made me more and more who I wished to be. When I read He sits with me and we talk. . .He is so alive and well! I see Him only in inner visions - in a bright technicolor - I could never be without His visitations to me.

    By the way, He has a great sense of humour! He has knocked me over with laughter many times.

    Source(s): The experiences of Me - in His Presence.
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    When I was in Viet Nam, I didn't know Jesus. I knew of him, I even thought I was a christian, because I believed.

    I was not a Christian and it would be another 14 years before I would know him. Many have come to know him through me , but while I was there, We were in a fierce fire fight. Not like the movies, Bullets and bombs all around

    no where to hide and no sight of the enemy. Guys were getting hit and I began to pray. I realized that I didn't know how.

    We got out of that and I was shot by friendly fire. A 45 round with an ex carved in the front . from a distance of 15 feet . the bullet knocked me back. I had a big bump on my chest and was bruised , but no hole. .....

    14 years later , I understood.

    Source(s): The Bible alone
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    Hmmm......the only thing I know from my personal experience is seeing a picture of him when i was very young. It was a framed picture and he was in garden wearing a robe. He had a light radiating over his head. It was like an aura of white light. It was beautiful and it stayed with me for a while------until being forced to go to church totally destroyed any love I may have felt for Jesus. lol.

    Now that I'm older and I've seen what he was supposed to have said, he personally doesn't move me at all. He spoke in parables and while some of his statements seem

    to have insight, mostly he just seems a bit nutty to me.

    He was and is misunderstood though.

    His statements don't give me insight into myself and they are nowhere near the depth of Lao tzu or Buddha or a dozen other spiritual people I like.

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    Jesus had love and compassion in His heart, and ignored the teachings of His "religion" when He could see that things weren't right. He didn't blindly follow the rules. He taught us that it's good to do good on the Sabbath. He drank wine with the drunks to make them at ease so He could share God's love and truth with them. He hung out with the poor and the tax collectors. How was He treated?

    Those of us who live as Christ did, not the way religions teach, understand how Christ was treated. When we do the things Christ did, the "religious" treat us as the Scribes, Pharisees, and Saducees treated Jesus. Jesus came not to condemn, but to free us from condemnation. Blessed are we when we are persecuted for His name's sake. God has been blessing me abundantly to overflowing. I may not have much money, but I have received spiritual blessings beyond measure.


    Source(s): The Holy Spirit
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    1 decade ago

    Honestly, Jesus never did anything for me for the first 17 years of my life. I had a crap childhood and prayed daily for my life to get better, went to church several times per week, read my bible like a good girl...nothing. Things got better when I moved out after high school and realized that I had wasted 17 years of prayer, and finally started doing my own thing. And I've never looked back. Thanks

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    since I'm not a christian i wont be doing bible quotes anyway :o)

    i am a spiritualist and even as such we do respect and study the words of Jesus in a spiritual context

    i feel he was a wonderful man who taught love

    that he was a healer .. a medium .. a teacher and philosopher

    even in some of our teachings from spirit guides there has been mention of jesus

    so i do not doubt that Jesus existed , i do however feel that Jesus is many things to many people ..

    this is just how Jesus is to me

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    1 decade ago

    I know he answers prayers. I have seen a miracle before my eyes. Nobody never wants to believe those "medical miracles" unless they see them, though. I couldnt convince you, but trust me, I have seen someone survive with NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION. The only thing that was apparent were the 50 or so people praying in the chapel for her to live....and the countless number that started a prayer chain for her. Not only did she live, she is able to talk, move, eat, etc. A miracle indeed. I prayed for Jesus to help her and let this be my testament. So here it is. Take it for what its worth. Its worth everything to me, because the person is my mother in law.

  • morris
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    I look back on my life and see the way God has helped me in life.

    Even as a non-believer He was with me and guiding the things around me to help with my life. It is hard to explain but I have lost jobs and with His help found them when I wasn't even looking.

    Everything that has happened in my life good or bad I thank God.

    He is the reason why we are here and for that we should be thankful. When life seemed to be at it's lowest God was there for me, even though there were times that I may have forgotten Him, He never forgotten me. Gotta love Him for that.

  • 3 years ago

    i am going to ask Santa Clause an similar ingredient, yet really i could nonetheless be merely chatting with myself. Edit: "galvanize you in emotions". the major word being emotions, feeling are deceptive and ineffective at ascertaining the actuality. Why won't be able to you recognize that all and distinctive human beings of different faiths have the very similar emotions that shall we them "recognize" their God is actual. Feeling come from interior and so do Gods. they have no longer something to do with what's actual, in case you do not believe that see above.

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    In praying to Him, He's opened my eyes to so many things. Everything feels right when I trust Him. There's a peace, hope, and joy that I haven't found in anything else. He also answers my prayers, and has changed the way I live.


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