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Give me your top 12 Fantasy RB's, QB's, and WR's?

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    top 12 Running Backs:

    1. Shaun Alexander- Had a monster year last year, but lost a huge piece to is o-line

    2. LaDanian Tomlinson- I can't spell his first name, but he lost the least of any of the big three, still, look for his recieving numbers to drop after a big downgrade at QB.

    3. Larry Johnson- People don't know how good Willie Roaf was until they see ALrry Johnson's 2006 season. still a 15 touchdown back.

    4. Clinton Portis- Could be much more like his Bronco days with a better offense around him this year. Could make a case to make it "The Big 4" this year.

    5. Tiki Barber- Eventually, age will be a problem. Recieving numbers are nice.

    6. Edgerinn James- Significant drop off is expected because AZ's o-line is terrible.

    7. Rudi Johnson- Looksbetter than ever coming into camp this summer, and has a nice passing game to help him out.

    8. Lamont Jordan- Especially good last year in point per reception leagues last year.

    9. Carnell Williams- Run into the ground last year but a season under his belt will help.

    10- Ronnie Brown- No longer shares carries with Ricky Williams.

    11. Steven Jackson- Past the Marshaul Faulk phase, as well as the obsessive passing phase of St. Louis.

    12. Brian Westbrook- Dominant as a rushing and recieving threat. Will break down if the WRs don't do there jobs.


    1. Peyton Manning- Top of the pack until he retires at this rate.

    2. Tom Brady- Just don't take his recievers.

    3. Carson Palmer- But he's an injury risk (like every other QB available).

    4. Matt Hasselbeck- Stability is valued in a year of newbies and injuries.

    5. Eli Manning- Only getting better. Stupid to think he wont improve on last year.

    6. Marc Bulger- Still has great recievers, but it's not The Greastest Show on Turf anymore.

    7. Jake Delhomme- Has the best reciever in the game in Steve Smith, as well as a new weapon in Keyshawn Johnson. Sability again is nice.

    8. Donovan McNabb- He was a decent option before TO, but his legs are more tired then they were back then, plus hes an injurie returnee, so the running that made him a Pro Bowl QB isn't there anymore.

    9. Trent Green- Tony Gonzalez will stay in to block more with Willie Roaf gone, so the top weapon he has is not there on more plays than usual this year. Watch out becasue age will take it's toll.

    10. Kurt Warner- Offense is stacked, and Matt Leinart is making no attempt to win the starting job this year. Health and a bad o-line are issues.

    11. Daunte Culpepper- New team and coming back from injury mean he is a total mystery. On pure talent, he is a top 12 fantasy option.

    12. Ben Roethlisberger- Poised for a break out until he got into a motorcycle accident, he is already scheduled to play the preseason opener. Look for him to improve a little on last year.


    1. Steve Smith- Will see more single coverage after Panthers added Keyshawn, but could lose catches to him as well.

    2. Terrell Owens- He is always fine in the first year on a team.

    3. Chad Johnson- Watch out for his stats to drop slightly after Carson Palmer's injury.

    4. Marvin Harrison- Will see more pass-stopping oriented defenses used against the Colts wih much weaker running game.

    5. Larry Fitzgerald- All the things you want in a fantasy WR are here, as long as the o-line lasts.

    6. Torry Holt- Number one reciever with a good offense around him, he puts up huge numbers.

    7. Randy Moss- He will rebound, and he will be cheaper than you should be in drafts.

    8. Anquan Boldin- Best number two guy in the league, though some could argue he is the Cardinal's best.

    9. Hines Ward- Randle El's loss takes a little bit of the surprise out of the offense, but Ward still can put up big numbers.

    10. Chris Chambers- Who knows what the QB situation is in Miami. Could be a let down

    11. Santana Moss- Tons of new guys around him mean he will see more single coverage, but with that always comes less oppertunities while others getthe ball/

    12. Roy Williams- Joey Harrington is gone, and Mike Martz is the best thing that could happen to a WR.

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    Since i think 12 is a little too much, I'll do 8.


    1. P. Manning

    2. T. Brady

    3. M. Hasslebeck

    4. C. Palmer

    5. M. Bulger

    6. J. Plummer

    7. D. McNabb

    8. T. Green


    1. L. Tomlinson

    2. S. Alexander

    3. L. Johnson

    4. T. Barber

    5. C. Portis

    6. R. Johnson

    7. E. James

    8. L. Jordan


    1. S. Smith

    2. C. Johnson

    3. T. Owens

    4. M. Harrison

    5. Sa. Moss

    6. L. Fitzgerald

    7. A. Boldin

    8. T. Holt

    9. C. Chambers

    10. R. Wayne

    11. R. Moss

    12. J. Galloway

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    1. Carson Palmer-Best QB if healthy

    2. Tom Brady- If healthy

    3. Peyton Manning- A great qb, but we will see how good he is without Edge.

    4. Jake Delhomme- Not as good as the top 3 but still solid.

    5. Kurt Warner- When healthy he can throw over 300 yards

    6. Matt Hasselback- Reliable.

    7. Eli Manning- Will break out this year.

    8. Ben Rothlisberger- good player.

    9. Daunte Culpepper- If healthy could be great.

    10.Trent Green- Sometimes has break- out games

    11. Donovan Mcnabb- Loss of TO hurts

    12. Billy Volek- Has played amazing when healthy


    1. Shaun Alexander- consisent

    2- LT- He is amazing

    3- LJ_ new coach and Willie Roaf retiring hurts value

    4- The Edge- he is ok with Arizona's line

    5. Tiki Barber- He is a ok player

    6. Cadillac- He proved last year what he could do

    7. Stephen Jackson- Faulk's career is done

    8. Lamount Jordan- A young, experienced, back

    9. Julius Jones- Great if healthy

    10.Ronnie Brown- With RW gone, he will get more yards

    11. Tatum Bell/ Ron Dayne/ Mike Bell- Denver's running is amazing

    12- Brian Westbrook- Has value becase of catching


    1. TO- Played in the superbowl when he was injured badly

    2. Torry Holt- 100Plus Yards a game

    3. Boldin- Yong and fast

    4- Fizgerald- Young and fast

    5- Chad Johnson- his antics are hilarious

    6- Steve Smith- # will go down with additiion of Keyshawn

    7- Marvin Harrison- Huge stats every game with Peyton

    8.Randy Moss- Skills deminshed but still a good player

    9.Joe Horn- Value goes up because of Brees10. Jevon Walker- good but selfish

    10. Reggie Wayne- Value esculated by Peyton

    11. Roy Williams- With new qb he will florish

    12-Terry Glenn- People will be double- covering owens

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  • 4 years ago

    different this relies upon on draft place and # of communities interior the league. What occurs plenty is that the stunning 5 RBs get taken, and human beings at present decide for a stunning WR or QB. this could be a sexier p.c.. than somebody like Michael Turner or Ryan grant, yet once you seem at expert drafts, they continually dodge this temptation. In a smaller league (8-10), in case you're in direction of the top, i think of that is superb to snatch Brees or AJ, yet then the subsequent 2 rounds i might decide for RBs. And with an early draft place, you're taking the final RB. i've got considered adult adult males like Rodgers going at #4 common, and you will in no way see an authority try this.

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    1. Peyton Manning IND

    2. Tom Brady NE

    3. Carson Palmer CIN

    4. Matt Hasselback SEA

    5. Jake Plummer DEN

    6. Donovan McNabb PHI

    7. Marc Bulger STL

    8. Trent Green KC

    9. Daunte Culpepper MIA

    10. Jake Delhomme CAR

    11. Eli Manning NYG

    12. Drew Bledsoe

    Thats just the list of my QB's in my opinion. I recommend ESPN the Magazine, Fantasy Football Preview edition. The site I listed helps too.

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    1. Peyton Manning--No duh!

    2. Carson Palmer--His knee's fine.

    3. Tom Brady--Mr. Consistency.

    4. Matt Hasslebeck--Holmgren runs a West Coast offense.

    5. Donovan McNabb--Reid is a Holmgren disciple.

    6. Marc Bulger--He's still getting 6 or 7 300-yd. games.

    7. Daunte Culpepper--His knee's fine.

    8. Kurt Warner--Could outproduce my no. 10 if he plays that many games.

    9. Eli Manning--Could look like my no. 1 or my no. 10. Or, he could just be Eli.

    10. Brett Farve--Still has it left in him, even if his team doesn't

    11. Jake Delhomme--Don't underestimate the guy who chucks balls at Steve Smith.

    12. Drew brees--Has soooo many weapons at his disposal.


    1. Shaun Alexander--Got 28 TD's in a West Coast offense.

    2. Larry Johnson--Lost too many keys to the offense to be #1.

    3. Ladanian Tomlinson--Inconsistent wk-to-wk.

    4. Tiki Barber--The key to his offense and he keeps getting better.

    5. Clinton Portis--Al Saunders' offenses take time to work.

    6. Steven Jackson--Will get a ton of touches with linehan

    7. Ronnie Brown--Part of an explosive, drug-free MIA offense.

    8. Rudi Johnson--Mr. Consistency

    9. Edge James--Marshall Faulk is to St. Louis as Edge is to Arizona

    10. Brian Westbrook--Holmgren is to Alexander as Reid is to Westbrook.

    11. LaMont Jordan--Art Shell can only help him

    12. Julius Jones--might find out what Tuna's bad side is like.


    1. Randy Moss--In the 4 weeks he was healthy, got 400+yds.

    2. Terrell Owens--in the 7 weeks he played, got 700+yds.

    3. Marvin Harrisson--Peyton's no. 1 is always a good bet.

    4. Steve Smith--Awesome last year, but comparable to '04-'05 Peyton.

    5. Chad Johnson--You can't cover 85.

    6. Torry Holt--Mr. Consistency

    7 Anquan Boldin--Had same no's as L-Fitz with 2 less games.

    8. Reggie Wayne--Peyton's no. 2 can be your no. 1.

    9. Larry Fitzgerald--1,400yds for both him and Boldin? 'Nuff said.

    10. Chris Chambers--Has it going for him.

    11. Deion Branch--Should break 1,000 with no clear no.2

    12. Darrell Jackson--Plays in Holmgen's West Coast offense.

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    1.steve smith

    2.chad johnson

    3. T.O.

    4.marvin harrison

    5.torry holt boldin

    7.larry fitzgerald

    8.randy moss

    9.reggie wayne

    10.santana moss

    11.chris chambers

    12.hines ward

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    1. shaun

    2. lj

    3. lt

    4 or 5. portis or tiki

    6. edge

    7. rudi

    8. jackson




    12. domanic

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