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2001 a space odyssey ending.?

Could some one please explain, to me the true meaning to the end of this film, and what really happened to Dave?. I still havent figured it out yet, after all those years!. i need some kind of closure with it!!.

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    he went in to the big black monolith it is what created life on earth and was starting it out on Saturn's moons kind a representation of God

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    You really must read the book to understand the ending. The simplest explanation is that Man had evolved again.

    In the book, at the end of the chapter when the apes saw the monolith, it was inferred that the apes were beginning their evolution into Man, and the chapter ended with the line,"He didn't know what he was going to do, but he would think of something." The same line ended the book after the appearance of the space child. I took it to mean that this was the next evolution of Man.

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    Its long enough ago now I don't remember exactly what happened, except that I can assure you, the book explains it perfectly. It makes total sense. If you can get ahold of the book somewhere, that will explain it beautifully.

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    Life is death is life through rebirth.

    Look, I've been watching this film since 1968 and I STILL haven't got a clue to what it all means.

    it is just as impenetrable now as it was then.

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    Watch the explains alot.

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