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Why is our planet named Earth?

What made us decide upon this name? I assume it is taken from the classical element earth, but by its definition, I don't feel it to be an appropriate name for our planet.

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    The English word "earth" has it's roots in many modern and ancient languages but can be traced back to the word "ert", meaning "ground" in Old Saxon, which was derived from the Old English word, "eorðe."

    So there it is a nutshell.

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    "Middle English erthe, from Old English eorthe; akin to Old High German erda earth, Greek era"


    "O.E. eorðe "ground, soil, dry land," also used (along with middangeard) for "the (material) world" (as opposed to the heavens or the underworld), from P.Gmc. *ertho (cf. O.N. jörð, M.Du. eerde, O.H.G. erda, Goth. airþa), from PIE base *er-. The earth considered as a planet was so called from c.1400. Earthy in the fig. sense of "coarse, unrefined" is from 1594. Earthworm first attested 1591. Earthwork is from 1633. Earthlight apparently coined 1833 by British astronomer John Herschel."

    "Earth is Old English and German in origin, related to the Old Saxon 'ertha', the Dutch 'aerde', and the German 'erda'. Terra is a French and Latin word, and so isn't part of the 'Earth' etymology. I'm not really an expert on words and word origins, but it seems likely that people used Earth to mean 'land' and then it was the natural thing to refer to all the land and the planet. I tried to look up more specific details about the specific usage of the word over time, but even the Oxford English Dictionary (online) admits"

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    The common name of our earth is Tellus, isn't it?

    Gaia is a Greek godess an importenat one. Oh now I remember she was called Tellus by the Romans or Terra, which looks like Tierra = land.

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    I think Gaia is prettier, earth is not right since our planet has 80% or more of water, maybe Acuarious or Water could be a better name.

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    The original name for this planet was Gaia.

  • Chair was already taken.

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    I don't know.

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