If I open a red wine and don't finish it, how long can I keep it in room temperature?

If I put it in the frige, will it keep its quality?


Is this the same story with white wine?

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    I'm just going to tell you the same as most everyone else, because we're all right. Red wine starts oxidizing immediately upon opening, and there's a rather small window for the wine to "blossom" into its best flavor. An air evacuating stopper can be found almost anywhere wine is sold, and using it will help keep red wine drinkable for a few days. Do not refrigerate red wine. Using the same stopper with a white wine however, the wine should hold considerably longer if you keep it refrigerated. (about 2-3 weeks)

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    If you seal it up again properly it should keep for up to a week before it turns to vinegar. However, each wine is different so it could be as little as a couple of days. It all depends on how much time and effort the winemaker put into making the wine before it was bottled. I have a glass of red wine here in front of me from a bottle that was opened back on Saturday. I put a wine stopper in after I finished using it Saturday night and only removed the cork about 1/2 an hour ago and it's still fine but that might not be the case with your wine because, chances are, it's a different wine from a different winery. I wouldn't immediately put it into a fridge because that would chill the wine too much and red wine, if you chill it, should only be chilled for around 15 minutes.

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    The issue isn't it 'keeping'. The issue is the oxidization will change the quality of the wine.

    We use a vacuum sealer, but we never really keep a bottle of wine for more than 2-3 days. After that, it's so far from what the original product tasted like that it's not worth drinking.

    The fridge won't really help because you aren't trying to prevent spoiling - you are trying to prevent the oxidizing.

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    As a pair others stated, 2-3 days is mostly the rule of thumb and safe practices isn't a situation yet style is. If it truly is a more cost-effective bottle of wine - say decrease than $20 - it many times will in straightforward words very last an afternoon after that's opened. If it truly is a more effective intense priced wine or is meant to be elderly, you'll regularly discover it to be more effective acceptable the subsequent day than once you opened it and to very last a reliable 3 days. After that, it many times starts getting vinegary besides the undeniable fact that. in case you ever want help ending a bottle, merely let me recognize! :)

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    More than a week using just a cork to keep it sealed, and it won't be very good. If you get one of those stopper sets that sucks all the air out of the bottle, it will keep for about a month. Refrigeration will buy you a couple of days, but as long as there is air in the bottle, it will still go stale. Best thing to do is to get one of those stopper sets, and finish the bottle within a month.

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    Well first off very seldom do we not finish a good wine!!hmm

    but it will usually keep about a week. and its always good in spaghetti sauce.I like cooking with wine almost as much as drinking it. I'll bet if you look up cooking with wines and spirits you find some yummy recipes, and the alchohol cooks off and gives real good flavor...made me hungry!!! have fun and good luck..by the way wine in the fridg. as long as a month.

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    @ room temperature, you wine will only last upto 3 days as long as the bottle was re-encapsulated or "re-corked" otherwise it will be bad the following morning.

    as for in the fridge, cooler temp. will slow the oxidization process and may add almost 48hrs, not more. Crystals may form in your wine from the cold, not to worry its perfectly safe, just filter or decant them. Adrien Boisvert, Sommelier

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    Opened then recorked part-emptied bottles of red wine will start to deteriorate at room temperature after only a few hours. In the fridge most will last at most only a day or two.

    Quality "jug" (not a contradiction in terms) wines will last a few days more; they are made to be so.

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    Hey Dulcinea,

    As long as you re-cap it, it's good for a few days. If you can use one of those "Air-evacuators", it will last a few more.

    Fridge doesn't really help.

    Worse comes to worse...

    You've got a great red wine vinegar!

    Good Eating,

    James in San Diego

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    Should keep for about a week...

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