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Nick Lachey or Jessica Simpson.........?

Whos falt do you think it was that they split,

And who thinks that Jessica Simpson is an Idiot

Nick Lachey Is HOT Shes a Loser

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    Jessica is pretty with make up but she's miserable without it. Nick Lachey is Gorgeous! I once watched this real video of jess n nick on mtv...n there was this part when they showed how jessica cooked... to be honest! She is really miserable and she cudnt cook... she doesnt even kno how to fry an egg? That was stupid!!!! no doubt nick surrendered. May be she was a good singer but she was a miserable wife! no offence to the fans...

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    Jessica's Daddys Fault

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    I think that Nick got over his head with Jessica's stupidity and he just wanted to be free. Good for him, he's my favourite too from the two.

  • Kay
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    I really don't know their storyline but they say Jessica cheated I believe! But it was kinda sad watching them split cuz they were a cute couple,and I never thought they would split judging it by how they acted

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    Have you heard that MTV's Newlyweds show is cursed? All the couples are now divorced! Jessica is making more money than you and Nick so what!

  • Nick Lachey is fine!!!!!!!

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    Jessica-she really IS a dumb blonde for letting him go.

  • jess is the reason why they split shes dumb and nick of course hes HOT!!

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    jessica is a jerk,he's soooo cute,she should have fought harder to keep him,i think he may have actually cared about her

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its jessica's fault they split... she is so stupid to,

    Nick is Hot to

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