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what were the names of the 52 iranian hostages?

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    Thomas L. Ahern, Jr., - CIA coordinator (officially designated as Narcotics Control Officer)

    Clair Cortland Barnes, 35 - Communications Specialist

    William E. Belk, 44 - Communications and Records Officer

    Robert O. Blucker, 54 - Economics Officer Specializing in Oil

    Donald J. Cooke, 26 - Vice Consul

    William J. Daugherty, 33 - 3rd Secretary of U.S. Mission

    Lt. Cmdr. Robert Englemann, 34 - USN Attaché

    Sgt. William Gallegos, 22 - USMC Guard

    Bruce W. German, 44 - Budget Officer

    Duane L. Gillette, 24 - USN Communications and Intelligence Specialist

    Alan B. Golancinksi, 30 - Security Officer

    John E. Graves, 53 - Public Affairs Officer

    Joseph M. Hall, 32 - CWO Military Attaché

    Sgt. Kevin J. Hermening, 21 - USMC Guard

    Sgt. 1st Class Donald R. Hohman, 38 - USA Medic

    Col. Leland J. Holland, 53 - Military Attaché

    Michael Howland, 34 - Security Aide, held at Iranian Foreign Ministry Office

    Charles A. Jones, Jr., 40 - Communications Specialist, Teletype Operator. (only African-American hostage not released in November 1979)

    Malcolm Kalp, 42 - commercial officer

    Moorhead C. Kennedy Jr., 50 - Economic and Commercial Officer

    William F. Keough, Jr., 50 - Superintendent of American School in Islamabad, Pakistan, visiting Tehran at time of embassy seizure

    Cpl. Steven W. Kirtley - USMC Guard

    Capt. Eric M. Feldman, 24 - Military officer

    Kathryn L. Koob, 42 - Embassy Cultural Officer; one of two female hostages

    Frederick Lee Kupke, 34 - Communications Officer and Electronics Specialist

    L. Bruce Laingen, 58 - Chargé d'Affaires, held at Iranian Foreign Ministry Office

    Steven Lauterbach, 29 - Administrative Officer

    Gary E. Lee, 37 - Administrative Officer

    Sgt. Paul Edward Lewis, 23 - USMC Guard

    John W. Limbert, Jr., 37 - Political Officer

    Sgt. James M. Lopez, 22 - USMC Guard

    Sgt. John D. McKeel, Jr., 27 - USMC Guard

    Michael J. Metrinko, 34 - Political Officer

    Jerry J. Miele, 42 - Communications Officer

    Staff Sgt. Michael E. Moeller, 31 - Head of USMC Guard Unit at Embassy

    Bert C. Moore, 45 - Counselor for Administration

    Richard H. Morefield, 51 - U.S. Consul General in Tehran

    Capt. Paul M. Needham, Jr., 30 - USAF Logistics Staff Officer

    Robert C. Ode, 65 - Retired Foreign Service Officer on Temporary Duty in Tehran

    Sgt. Gregory A. Persinger, 23 - USMC Guard

    Jerry Plotkin, 45 - civilian businessman visiting Tehran

    MSgt. Regis Ragan, 38 - USA NCO assigned to Defense Attaché's Office

    Lt. Col. David M. Roeder, 41 - Deputy USAF Attaché

    Barry M. Rosen, 36 - Press Attaché

    William B. Royer, Jr., 49 - Assistant Director of Iran-American Society

    Col. Thomas E. Schaefer, 50 - USAF Attaché

    Col. Charles W. Scott, 48 - USA Officer, Military Attaché

    Cmdr. Donald A. Sharer, 40 - USN Air Attaché

    Sgt. Rodney V. (Rocky) Sickmann, 22 - USMC Guard

    Staff Sgt. Joseph Subic, Jr., 23 - Military Police, USA, Defense Attaché's Staff

    Elizabeth Ann Swift, 40 - Chief of Embassy's Political Section; 1 of 2 female hostages

    Victor L. Tomseth, 39 - Senior Political Officer, held at Iranian Foreign Ministry Office

    Phillip R. Ward, 40 - Administrative Officer

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    Iran Hostages Names

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    what were the names of the 52 iranian hostages?

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    So this boils down to not only should the US have overthrown an elected government, but they should have continued to support the "progressive" dictators who ruled for the next twenty-five years. And this is the only factor completely responsible for all Mid-east problems, despite numerous chances for presidents since then to act in response to such terror attacks, instead of ignoring them. On what planet is a dictatorship more progressive than a democracy? Your partisanship is so bold, you will make any wild claim to justify it. Your reasoning is nonsense. You want to blame a single president, blame the one that chose to overthrow an elected socialist for a dictator, the one who mistakenly believed that you can oppress a people forever, without repercussions. Sooner of later your chickens come home to roost. What exactly did supporting dictators and religious fanatics, merely to oppose the Soviets get us? How did that "lets give the Taliban aid" thing work out?

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    Hostages for what aNd where??

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