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who wrote the song "you are my sunshine"?

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    This is a very old song, written in 1940 and the credits seem to be in dispute as Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell were originally credited, but they bought the rights from Paul Rice who had put his name on it...also a Pud Brown had something to do with it as well...confusing...see link below...seems Jimmie Davis was the first to record it, with hundreds following...

    Also just learned that this is an official song of the State of Louisiana...

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    Do you remember Governor Jimmy Davis of Louisiana who wrote the song "You Are My Sunshine?" Made a Top 40 hit of it back when Ray Charles was in knee pants.

    Source(s): Gamle Rogers memorial foundation
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    Jimmy Davis

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    Jimmie Davis

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    Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK, Joan Jett Bad Reputation, John Mellencamp I Fought Authority, the Clash's version I Fought The Law just a couple of wide variety songs!

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    Jimmie Davis wrote song it was first recorded in 1940's

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    Robert Mc Danya

    he wrote a lot of little cute songs that didnt turn up until later as kiddie songs

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    A governor of Louisiana, a long time ago.

    His name was Jimmy Davis. He was quite a character.

    • Jimmy Davis's partner bought the song outright from Paul Rice (who had stolen it) for $35, in 1939. Then it was published it as "Words & Music by Jimmy Davis & Charles Mitchell" in 1940.

      But it was written by Oliver Hood, in 1933.

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    are you talking about the song in the yogurt commercial or whatever that went "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey"? if so, tell me. im wondering that too.

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    I still don't know wrote you are my sunshine

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