Do you know much or have you been to Durban, South Africa?

Is it as interesting and worth visiting as Johannesburg and Cape Town and how safe is it? What are the city attractions from a tourist' point of view?

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    I live in South Africa, JHB. I love living in South Africa and i would never move away from my home! I have been to Durban on numerous occasions. Durban is a great place to go for a holiday!

    In my opinion i think Cape Town is the best place to go to for a tourist. It has far better things to do there and there are more tourist attractions in Cape Town however Durban is not bad at all but comes off second best-Cape Town being the best. Johannesburg is also a nice place to go and see and i would also recommend going to Johannesburg.

    South Africa does have crime. It is still safe though. You just need to have caution. The crime in South Africa is not so bad that you have to never come to SA because it is dangerous. That is a lie!

    Go onto the above link to find out any information about South Africa from tourist attractions to your safety in general.

    Go onto the above link to find out about Health, Safety and Security in South Africa. There you will be able to see what you should and shouldn't do in South Africa. This site is very good and i feel that tourists should read it through.

    Have fun!


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    Beware of your surroundings and don't look too "tourists." Durban is very hot and humid in Summer "December thru to February". There are load of attractions from sea life to up market and arts a great diversity. Steeped in history and very friendly people. Cape Town has the famous Table Mountain and long stretches of beaches on the west and south coast of south africa. Johannesburg is like any busy city in the world. Cape Town is more laid back and relaxing with wine routes and long drives along the most beautiful mountains drives and sunsets in the world. Take a chance surprise yourself south africa is a place of diversity and wonderful surprises.

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    Along with other Cities in South Africa, Durban is extremely unsafe and there have been numerous violent attacks on unsuspecting Tourists. Visit the site for the real truth about the rampant crime in South Africa. Be warned there are some gruesome stories and pictures so in need you can also read about the violence on or There was an article in yesterday's Scotsman commenting on the crime in South Africa which you can read on under the International section. Also be warned that the British Foreign Office and the Tourist authorities of Australia,Canada and the USA are warning tourists about the violent crime in that Country. In addition Britain's largest insurer the Norwich Union rates South Africa as the most dangerous foreign destination for British Tourists to visit. Be further warned that the Tourist Industry in South Africa are panicking at the loss of foreign business and will stop at nothing to disguise the truth. Their sites are full of lies and should be treated with the contempt they deserve for attempting to make money out of people with no regard for their safety or lives. A number of users on this site work in the Tourist industry in South Africa and through their answers are attempting to deceive innocent people asking questions. In your own interests I would advise you to avoid South Africa as a destination as you are more than likely to become a victim of violent crime and run the very real possibility of being returned home in a body bag. Genocide is rampant and their Government,Tourist Boards and some citizens are in complete denial as the Country follows the well worn path towards another African basket case.

    You can also have a look at the site which has some interesting links to photographs of the urban decay as well as literature from respected academics.

    I agree with "confused" ignore me. Just visit the sites and newspaper I mentioned. In closing the Editor of Business Day, probably the most respected South African daily, Peter Bruce was quoted as follows a few days ago " Whatever the Police or Politicians may tell us, this is a violent and threatening place. Living here is dangerous." That says enough!

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    I live in Cape Town and I love it here but if ever I had to leave, id go to Durbs, It feels almost like Cape Town, It has a great coast line , Its nice and green and i love the weather although it can get a bit too humid at times! People are friendly and the nightlife is thriving!

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    Hi. I go to Durban for holidays. Its definantly worth the visit. If you go there just make sure you keep your eyes open and don't leave things lying around. If you are going to try and swim in the ocean I would rather go to another beach as Durban is really popular and gets very crowded. Rather go to southbroom or just under margate.

    Best wishes.

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    IGNORE GERRY HATRICK!!! S/he makes no useful contribution, only runs down the country. Inform yourself on the websites already mentioned above. And be safe like you would be in any other country.

    And yes, Durban is worth the visit, very different in terms of history and the Kingdom of Kwazulu is great to visit. I personally lived in Mtunzini (about 1.5 hours north of Durban) and it is a beautiful area.

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    Durban is a great place. I grew up there. Lots to see and do. Like Ushaka Marine world.

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    durban is fantastic

    there is loads to do, the beached are gorgeous. Its hot and humid. The resorts are world class. The people are friendly and pretty cute to look at :-)

    visit us sometime, you'll love it.

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    Hi, Durban is my home.

    From the satelite point of view this is how Durban looks like:

    As you can see, Durban has got the most stunning beach, but I must warn you though, in summer season it gets very overcrowded. There are still beaches just North and South of Durban central which are still stunning and less crowded. Drag your map either North or South to see them yourself.

    Durban is also equiped with World Class Shopping Centres and malls which will provide you with South African fashion shops and designer international shops, pubs incl. sport pubs and restaurants:

    The Pavilion


    Durban has also got the World Class casinos eg Sibaya Sun International, and another one just in central Durban (I've forgotten its name)

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    1 decade ago

    Durban is loveley, I go often there on holiday.

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