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Angels are Among us?

I'm a big believer in angels. I truely believe that angels ARE here on earth and that WE, ourselves, could even be an angel to someone. I also believe that Angels not only come in the form as humans, but also animals.

Is there anyone else who has the same opinion?

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    I'm with you on that. I was on a flight home which landed too late for me to catch my next scheduled flight. I was stranded 2000 miles away from home with my 3 month old son, I was hysterical! I had nowhere to go, no food and no way of getting anything for the baby to eat. a woman and man came to me and rented a hotel room for the night, they ordered me a pizza and bought my son some formula. they gave us a ride to the hotel and paid in advance for a cab to pick us up the next day to get to the airport so we could get home. they were god sent. but they never told me their names. I'm forever grateful. because of this one experience I do believe in angels.

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    An angel is a messenger of God and is a special being who is spiritually higher than humans. God, however, speaks to us in many ways, often by making us notice something special about something, or seeing it in a special way. He also often asks or encourages us to do something particular for him, sometimes without us fully realising that that is what we are doing. Angels are certainly involved with this work and, I believe, do a lot of the prompting that achieves the desired purpose. It's not strictly correct, though, to say that some people (or animals) are angels - I think 'moved by angels' would be more correct. That doesn't mean that they don't ever appear in human form - just not as often as people sometimes imagine.

    I know that I have what I can only describe as an angel who assists me in speaking with and understanding God.

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    I do believe angels are among us. You know when you turn and check that extra time you normally wouldn't and there is a car? I believe an angel made you check. I always say I have 40 guardian angels, eventhough I know I really have one who does the work of 40. I don't believe we are angels, just good people doing good things. As for animals, I don't believe they are angels, but I do think they are witnesses and as God's creatures they are to be cared for and loved by us. I think if we look out for one another we are doing work for the angels and free them to help more people.

    Source(s): My guardian angel explained this to me a long time ago when I was little.
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    The Bible clearly says that angels exist and that they are able to go back and forth between heaven and earth unless they go against God, in which case they would be confined to the vacinity of the earth along with Satan and the other demons who have been banned from heaven. The Bible does talk about angels appearing in human form but not in animal form. We cannot be angels as they are separate and different beings from us.

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    Before this earth was ever created god made spirit creatures to live with him in heaven. Called angels some of those spirit persons sinned in coming to the earth materialing in human bodies and marrying women. Revelation shows a war in heaven Rev.12 Where micheal and his angels battled with the dragon and his angels. So those are two real sides in a war.

    then the devil was thrown down to the earth and it says woe for the earth because the devil has come down to you having great anger. That s why we are having wars and killing.

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    In the Bible, Hebrews 13:2 states, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." (KJV) The Bible makes many references to angels. I don't think there is any reference to them coming in for form of animals, though. I believe there are angels, but I also believe there are demons.

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    I believe that anyone can be an angel. I know I have angels here for me and those are my friends. I tell them that all the time. I say that God blesses me with angels.

    I believe that I am an angel to others also. I've had my share of helping others and being there for other. I'm always happy that I can and God has blessed me for that.

    I am with you.

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    i don't believe in angels in a biblical sense .. i do believe in higher spirit though

    but i do understand what you mean and yes i feel that sometimes we can all be an angel for someone and even animals

    sometimes we are just in the right place at the right time .. we are the shoulder someone needs to lean on .. we are the ear when someone needs to speak ..

    pets i am sure are sent to those who need some unconditional love and our animals are just perfect at the job xx

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    I kind of believe that every time I have great sex, an angel is guiding me. Especially when I new position and I'm unsure as to what moves to throw down.

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    Same here in fact i use my angels cards all the time. I get featheres all the time I beleive this is there way of letting me know they are with me. I aslo beleive that angels are not like the way we been told for years wings etc.

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