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Iranians identified by papers found on their body's fighting with the Hezbollah. Will Israel strike Iran.?

Iseral news FOX news Msnbc news. Cnn news.

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    Iran has armed terrorists and called for the total destruction of both Israel, the Us, and all non Shite nations including Sunni Muslims. Sound like someone named Adolf Hitler? Of course if your a Democrat bury your head in the sand and you won't see or feel the sword that cuts off your neck.

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    RAMBO.. Get a life. I don't like bush but seeing your silly statement in every message I read is getting old. We have seen it already.

    I don't think that will be the cause of Israel pounding Iran for a few months but if a rocket hits 100 miles south in Israel and they can prove it was made in Iran I feel sure they will bomb the hell out of them. They already said they would when Hezbollah said they was going to bomb Israel's capital city. Where else could Hezbollah get rockets that could shoot that far and they have to have guidance to hit target and no one is going to guide them but Iran. Which I think is tractable through the satellite link.

    I guess from reading the messages above and below that poeople don't know that Israel has nukes and has had them for years and years. They are not pushing very hard at the minute and are trying not to kill any non fighters. Let any country attack Israel and see how long that will last. But there will always be the Hezbollah types hiding in the public shooting and killing people. But still if you have no towns and no country and no homes did they really win or are they just draging it out. Lebanon has lost and so has hezbollah. It is over they have has their @sses whipped and not they are just being ran out of the country.

    And yes Israel will attack Iran if they want. The first thing they will attempt to take out is the leaders of the country and they will hit any stock piles of or rockets (we know you can't get them all) and I am willing to bet a US made long range missile with a range of the whole earth might land on their Nuclear enrichment plants. Had you forgot that Israel is cabable of taking out Iran in with one bomb? Iran is afraid of Israel or they would have already jumped in the fight.

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    Oh, Yeah...

    They didn't think at getting rid of their papers...

    It's disgusting as a lie especially if you think people are stupid enough to beleive it.

    BTW, So what if Iranians are defending Libaneese civilians against the Barbaric War criminals ?

    I think that an International court should be held and every body should answer for his crimes (I mean every body and not only the weak people) Now that's civilized !!! but a world in which the strong is above the law is simply Barbaric and ugly no matter how mutch the media is ready to lie about it.

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    No chance mate.

    Iran has a massive stockpile of short range ballistic missiles capable of reaching Isreal. And they also do have a massive stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

    And unlike the arab countries. Iran is not afraid to use weapons against Isreal.

    Isrealis will not attack Iran, either on its own, or through a wider coalition with USA.

    Although the only country who could take on Iran now. The USA, is a bit too busy getting their soldiers killed at the moment.

    Basically, they have to start dying in Iraq, before they can start dying in Iran.

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    actually all of us dumb adequate to salary conflict on Iran does not need to be properly the following contained in the international, because they're signing the death warrant of ALL existence on earth. i'm not an extremist, i ought to like peace and that i favor to live like properly the following personality, thanks. i do not see why grasping politicians can could get worried with yet yet another conflict, once they could't type out those that they have got were given all started ie Iraq, Afghan and to a pair volume, Libya. that's not for humanitarian causes, that's for greed and vigor. the country isn't a foul united states in some approaches, yet their overseas regulations are terrible, once you concentrate on that they act like the realm's police, in some approaches, a playground bully and my united states, the stupid uk continually adjust to fit like some weed in the back of the bully. curiously undesirable for all good individuals and British people and some different united states desirous about those unnecessary and evil, sure, evil (all wars are evil) invasions, considering the fact that the they kill the innocents of that united states, smash the troops, overseas hostages get taken and more often than not killed, mutually the politicians do not furnish a toss and basically say not something, yet proceed to live off of the fat of the lands! enable's desire no one is senseless adequate to do regardless of the reality that like that, thinking the actual undeniable reality that i'd favor to stay except a ripe, historic age, if i'll, without some nut interest attempting to press the button and end all of it. not on my watch, mate!

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    Israel News == Fox news == CNN == Propaganda that brainwashed our country for decades!!

    We reached a point where Americans would kill fellow Americans to defend Israel!!

    Anyway, Israel doesn't have the guts to strike anyone now. They are wondering how to get out of this without loosing more face!

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    No the logistics aren't in their favor. Israel would have to fly over Saudi Arabia, and the chances of Israel flying over Mecca with the blessings of all their Arab neighbors, try Power Ball instead.

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    The Israelis are fortunate in some ways; they do not have to consider world opinion since it is stacked against them anyway. They will attack Iran if they need to, they alone will make the decision.

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    To Isreal, with love...the US. Hate to say this but the Isreal is bombing "borders" in the north when their whole war was about driving hezbollas from the isreali-lebanese border. Isreal, in all truth, is just flexing military might with their strong lobby at washington DC. They caught the U.S.A by the balls and doing whatever they fu/cing please. The real terrorist are the jews.

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    i don't know from where you have this news, but i don't think it is true at all.

    at any way i don't think Israel will attack Iran at least now cause it tired enough from just Lebanon and the world especially USA will not allowed this

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