Why did Israel attack Lebanon? Why do we support Israel?

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    Israel attacked Lebanon because some Hezbollah operatives kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers. Hezbollah operatives hold seats on Lebanon's parliment.

    Don't believe the hype. Israel is not the sole agressor in this war as the media would lead everyone to believe. They have a right to defend themselves, but I do think that they are going too far. Something like 300 Lebaneese have died and only 26 of them were Hezbollah. Only like 50 Israelis have died. These are for the most part, innocent people, but the Israelis feel justified in indiscrimiate killing.

    This is the problem with religious fundamentalism... when everyone is convinced that they are right, no one is willing to talk through their differences. When this happens, by the very definition, it is a failure of diplomacy. If I were a world leader, I would feel that resorting to war as a failure. It is a failure to effectively negotiate an issue.

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    The excuse they're using is that Hezbollah started it by crossing the Lebanese border, attacking an Israeli border post, killing a few and kidnapping two soldiers.

    Actually, Israel has been watching the military building up along southern Lebanon and looking for an excuse to attack Lebanon. Israel's goal is to disarm Hezbollah so that it would not be able to threaten northern Israel again.

    There is some justification for this: Hezbollah is a combination Palestinian government supported by Syria, Iran and Lebanon, and a terrorist organization that routinely strikes at Israel. Unfortunately, Israel's policy of massive retaliation is not helping it. Israel cannot disarm Hezbollah without destroying Lebanon. If Lebanon is destroyed then how will that make Israel secure? And even if Hezbollah is destroyed, (which is really hard to do) it would only reorganize under a different banner.

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    Israel didn't attack Lebanon.

    Hezbollah attacked Israel. Israel said stop. Hezbollah attacked Israel again. Israel said stop. The UN tells Lebanon to make Hezbollah stop. Hezbollah attacked Israel again. Lebanon does nothing.

    Israel attacks Hezbollah, who hides in Lebanon and starts wining about being picked on. Meanwhile Hezbollah uses Lebanese civilians as human shields, just to get international sympathy by racking up the body count.

    Israel has asked Lebanon for most of a decade to send troops into southern Lebanon to stop Hezbollah. So has the UN. Lebanon refused, or was unable to. So Israel had no choice but to attack Hezbollah, who is using Lebanon as a shield.

    The US supports Israel because if we don't, then the terrorists win. As stupid as that phrase is in 90% of how it's used, it does apply here. If Hezbollah can attack Israel at will, and suffer no reprisals because other countries always step in to stop Israel, then the Hezbollah terrorists get exactly what they wanted. For a real-life parable of this situation, read the story below.

    {EDIT} In response to "padonne", I find it hard to consider those lands to be Arab holy lands, when Islam is 1300 years old and Judaism is 5800 years old, and the Jews were there first. Besides, the land was under British control since before WW1, and was purchased from the British and the other surrounding countries by the UN. So, it's a little late for the countries that sold that land to the UN to complain now.

    As for the land captured by Israel during various wars that Israel won, every one of those wars was started by the country that lost. If one country attacks another, and loses, they really can't complain if the defender who wins keeps some of the spoils of war.

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    Israel did not attack Lebanon first Hezbollah started it after they kidnap 2 soldiers and killed 8 others and since Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government and they hide in Lebanon Israel had to attack Lebanon in order to find the missing soldiers

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    Hezbollah is an extremist group that supports terrorism. Israel is not attacking Lebanon. Hezbollah is hiding in Lebanon and Israel is trying to destroy Hezbollah. Hezbollah continues to hide in populated areas so as to make Israel look even worse. Israel warplanes are actually dropping leaflets in Lebanese towns telling the people that they plan to bomb that town, giving the INNOCENT people a chance to flee before the bombs come.

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    Israel attacked Lebanon because they wanted to get the three hostages that the Lebanese are holding hostage. ISRAEL DID NOT START THE WAR THE LEBANESE DID! Just so you should know. The reason the war is so long is because the Lebanese hid bombs all over the place and the Israelis needed to stop the bombs from killing allot of Innocent people. I know this information first hand, I live in the middle east.

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    in response to "Oblivia" 's poor comparison, let me correct you by saying that it's not Lebanon that fired the rockets but a terrorist group within it that no one can control and stop but Iran. They are inside lebanon and they fired the bombs, do you think the whole country to lebanon should pay the price? Lebanon is a victim of being taken hostage by those terrorists and they can do nothing to stop hezbollah. you know that israel was in lebanon for 18 years, and they withdrew like cowards because hizbollah was so powerful that it was constantly killing them. Well, learn that if israel couldn't stop them, how could lebanon do so? hisbullah aattacked israel without the gvt's ok, and now we, lebanese, are all paying high the price for that. if the US loves lebanese as they claim, let them stop israel from mass murdering ppl.

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    Does it matter? Really, does it? let them kill each other off, Jew, Muslim, Christian, at the end of the day, religion is the reason. Hezbollah hates Jews, Jews hate Muslims (Yes they do no matter what some may say), Christians, well take your pick on who they hate. The point being, I for one am tired ...... no Exhausted from all this. Look at it this way, there is nothing either Lebanon, Israel or the Palestinians offer the world. There is no oil on any of their lands, no consumer goods of real value just a desert land with some greenery and alot of old 'Religious' sites. Let them kill each other, then when they are done, the world can just go in and round up whoever is left and deal with them. I just don't care anymore. I know that sounds cruel, but at some point you do have to just throw up your hands in disgust and say enough. BTW, much of the world outside of the US and some Muslim nations are already at this point.

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    You people are either so naive or you are under strong influence of Israeli propaganda.

    How can you all talk about the capture of two soldiers as the beginning of the aggression while Israel illegally occupied Lebanese territory for decades. Hezbollah was formed to resist the Israeli occupation and they were the ones who kicked Israel out of Lebanon in 2000.

    Israel is defending itself? What is Hezbollah doing then? Should they just drop their weapons and wait to be killed just because Israel has a strong military.

    when Nazi Germany invaded Poland they claimed Poland was the aggressor and they were "defending" their country. Just research it, you will find strong resemblance between Nazi and Israeli methods.

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    Because Israel was created on Arab holy lands at the end of WWII. The Arabs will never rest, as long as the typical religous brainwashing that each and every one of them is subjected to since birth continues. You cannot reason with a brainwashed mind. Israel is simply hitting back. The Israelis know there will be no decisive victory. The Arabs no there will be no victor. The Arabs continuously terrorize the Israelis because they are taught hatred from birth. Israel simply fight's for it's existence. This will continue forever, or until one side successfully obliterates the other. The rest of the world is disgusted by this, but in the middle east it is the will of either God, or Allah. You can take your pick.

    Let them fight it out amongst themselves. The only reason America is involved is OIL.

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