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所以可以的話 拜託加上一些解釋

>mean or median

>proportion or Mode

>Standard deviation or 5-number sumary

>correlation or regression

>signifidence test

>confidence interval

>Chi-square analysis


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  • 鈺純
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    1 decade ago
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    mean: 平均值 (把所有觀測值加起來, 然後將總和除以個數得到的結果)

    median: 中位數 (所有觀測值依大小排起來,中間的那個數,若是偶數個數就是兩個中間數的平均數[

    proportion: 比例 (百分比)

    mode: 眾數 (眾數如果存在的話,就是出現次數最頻繁的數值 [

    standard deviation: 標準差

    5-number summary: 就是有列出最小觀測值, Q1, Q2 (中位數), Q3 和最大觀測值的總結. 通常是以方塊圖來表示

    correlation: 相關

    regression: 回歸

    significance test: 顯著性檢驗 (先做一個假設, 然後用一組觀測值來看說實際上的數值與假設的數值差異多大, 來決定說假設的正確性的一種測驗)

    confidence interval: 信賴區間 (估計的準確性, 可以用來估計有多少信心認為機率會落在哪裡. 一般而言,認可的樣本數要大於等於30 [!8395hf6FFRlMb5uLDi349jY-/article?mid=312])

    chi-square analysis: 卡方分析

    我盡量了...你如果是要英文的解釋的話, 我可以說的很清楚, 但是中文的專業名詞我實在不是很通. 抱歉囉~~

    2006-08-10 08:46:44 補充:

    抱歉喔~我只能補充內容...只好多補充一點 :)Here are the definitions of these terms in English.Mean: really another word for "average". To find the mean of a sample of values, add all the values in the sample, and then divide by the number of values in the sample.

    2006-08-10 08:50:17 補充:

    Median: In a sample of values, if the values are arranged in order (from smallest to biggest, or vice versa), the median is the number that is in the middle of the arrangement if the number of values in the sample is an odd number.

    2006-08-10 08:51:47 補充:

    Median (continued): If the number of values in the sample is an even number, then the median is the average of the middle two numbers.Mode: In a sample of values, the mode is the value which appears the most number of times (most common) or has the highest frequency.

    2006-08-10 08:55:14 補充:

    Proportion: this is really the "percentage" of one value in the sample, compared with the entire sample.

    2006-08-10 08:58:43 補充:

    Standard deviation (SD): SD tells how spread out numbers are from the mean. To calculate SD, first calculate the deviations of each value from the mean (value-mean), square each of the deviations, add up all the squared deviations, divide by the sample size, and then take the square root.

    2006-08-10 09:04:00 補充:

    5-number summary: A summary showing the minimum, Q1 (first quartile), Q2 (median), Q3 (third quartile) and maximum values of the sample. This is best presented in a box-and-whisker plot.

    2006-08-10 09:04:31 補充:

    打不下了...看下面的意見吧. :)

    2006-08-10 09:06:04 補充:

    Correlation: A correlation is a number that describes the degree of relationship between two variables.

    2006-08-10 09:09:48 補充:

    Regression: This expresses the relationship between two (or more) variables in an equation. There are different regression techniques, such as linear regression (tries to fit the relationship as a straight line) and non-linear regression.

    2006-08-10 09:13:54 補充:

    Significance test: With a given hypothesis and a sample of collected data relating to the hypothesis, this test determines if the collected data differs from the expected value (from the hypothesis) and by how much. And from this it can then determine if the hypothesis is correct or not.

    2006-08-10 09:15:07 補充:

    Confidence interval: This gives an estimated range of values which is likely to include an unknown population parameter (mean, SD, etc.), the estinated range being calculated from a given set of sample data.

    2006-08-10 09:21:09 補充:

    Chi-square analysis: Have a look at

    Source(s): 自己 + 雅虎奇摩字典 + Google 搜尋
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mean就是全部的數加起來除以總共有幾個數字 例如 就是 1+2+3+4+5除以5mean就是3

    median是中間數例如有九個數字123456789 median 就是5 如果有八個數字

    12345678 就是把最中間兩個數字4+5在除以2median就是4.5


    Standard deviation 要求這個要先求出mean

    先例如10.這幾個數字 他的n=5

    mean就是10+12+16+17+20除以5mean=15 SS=64

    S平方=16 S開根號=4 所以Standard deviation=4

    Source(s): 只記得這些而已SORRY 統計學還給老師了
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