international phone card

excuse could someone tell me that which is the cheapest way of calling back Taiwan in UK

limitation please tell me the way that you REALLY used in UK

please tell me the specific steps



by the way I konw that Skype is the cheapes, but

1.I use the school computers, I can't insttal the software

2.My parent can't use teh computer

so another way, please

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    就電話卡來說唐人街有賣很多家不同的電話卡只要你去逛一下比較一下就行了不過最便宜的方法當然是用skype打回台灣阿skype 打 skype 免費阿skype 打 普通電話也不是很貴(我記的沒錯的話是0.014pound per mins)用一比60來算的話= 1分鐘=0.84元(=.=沒想到還真不算貴ㄋ)by the way u understand chinese right =.=or u need me to type it in english ? ^^"

    2006-08-10 21:09:08 補充:

    have u got a landline ? or u just have mobile ?at the moment looking like telephone card is ur only choose =.=

    2006-08-17 02:32:14 補充:

    u can get cheaper phone cards from london chinatown


    if u have the chance to visit

    Source(s): kulolo sama ^O^< i live in birmingham UK
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